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For years my wife had said she would some day want to go to an orgy. I wasn't really interested in having sex with total strangers but after a few years she was bringing it up more and more so I told her if she could set it up I'd let her go. A couple of months ago she said she wanted to take me out to dinner so we got cleaned up and headed out. She stopped at a nice house in the country instead of a restaurant. "What are we doing here?" I asked. She said, "We're going to an orgy." She hopped out of the car and headed to the front door. She had the car keys so I had no choice but to either sit in the car or follow her in. I followed.

Jim, the host took our coats and told us that pretty much anything goes as long as nobody gets hurt. "Whatever," I said. I got a drink and looked around. I was now the only one with clothes on. Men and women were kissing, petting and even fucking in the living room. My wife came over and told me I needed to get undressed. Reluctantly I stripped. I was surprised my cock was starting to get hard. Shortly after I stripped two women came over to me and said they had a special treat for me. They led me to a bedroom and had me lay down on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed. One started rubbing my feet and moving up my lets while the other one started kissing me. "This is actually pretty cool," I thought. After a couple of minutes the one at my feet was at my thighs and the other one turned around and mounted me in a 69 position taking my growing cock into her mouth. Her pussy was completely shaved and she put it on my mouth.

I felt my legs being lifted and now the woman between my legs was licking my asshole. Then she started to gently tongue-fuck me. All I could say through the pussy in my mouth was "Oh, fuck." I felt my nuts start to tighten up and knew I was gonna cumm. I said, "I'm cumming" but the woman on my cock didn't budge. I started cumming and she started swallowing. She sucked me dry but didn't get off of me. She kept sucking and a minute later she shuddered and I tasted her juices flowing into my mouth as she started cumming, too. My cock was getting softer by the second but neither of them were stopping. The woman tonguing my asshole was glorious. I was in second heaven with these two gorgeous woman making love to me. I kept sucking on that pussy as she kept sucking on my cock. I was starting to get hard again when the pussy I was sucking lifted up. I thought she just needed a little break when I felt a cock at my mouth. I had no intentions of sucking another man's cock but here it was, right at my mouth. He pushed in and his cock popped past my lips.

Wow! I never guessed that sucking a cock could be this exciting. I had a cock in my mouth and was getting my cock sucked and my ass licked. I was starting to get into it when the tongue pulled away from my ass. Again I thought she just needed a little break but was totally surprised when I felt something else being pushed into my asshole. It was a cock! I was now being fucked by another man as well as sucking a cock. Then the woman sucking my cock hopped off of me so it was no surprise when another guy mounted me and started sucking my cock. He was good. Better than my wife, and she can suck some good cock. I felt the guy in my ass cumm first. His jizz was running out of my ass and down my ass crack. It was warm running down my ass and onto the bed. Then the cock in my mouth started cumming too. My mind was on my ass and I was unprepared for a mouthful of cumm. I decided I had come this far so I started swallowing. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I sucked him dry and they all got off of me. My cock was rock hard as they all left the room.

I let my cock go down a bit and walked out into the living room. Everyone was gone except my wife and the two large black guys fucking her. One was roughly pounding her cunt and the other was fucking her mouth. He was pulling her nipples as far as they would go. She was bucking and moaning as she was being pounded from both ends. I stood there watching her when the guy in her mouth looked at me and said, "Get your ass over here, bitch." I walked over to him and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and told me to lay down. I now wondered what it was like so I laid down next to her and he put his cock in my mouth. She looked over and her eyes got wide as I started to suck his cock. His cock was much bigger than mine but wasn't any different than sucking that white guy's cock. It wasn't long and he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all. The guy fucking my wife pulled his cock out of her cunt and straddled her. She opened her mouth and he filled it with his cumm.

When they were done they got dressed and left. It was just Jim, my wife and me. I was reluctant to talk about it but my wife wanted all the details. We traded our stories and then left for home. It was the quickest four hours I'd ever spent and now I can't wait to do it again.