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OK. So first of all, it was no accident, though it was supposed to appear to be. It started when I awoke from a nap and heard muffled giggles of several women, including my wife, in the next room. I slept naked, and as usual, I had a total erection upon waking.

That day, I decided I wanted whoever was in the den, to see the monster throbbing between my legs. So I popped out of the bed and walked to the closed door, where I paused. I thought about what my wife would say if I opened the door and the potential consequenses. I then decided it would appear to be accidental so everything should work out fine.

I stood there with my heart pounding and I found myself rubbing my organ and thinking of what it would feel like if I opened the door. I felt a bit of liguid ooze from my swollen dick. I wiped it off and then I went for it. I flung the bedroom door open and stepped into a room where my wife and her visiting friends could see my totally erect and throbbing package.

As I stepped through the door, my wife shouted out, "there are women in here." Ah, too late! I was standing buck naked in front of her and two of her friends, one of whom was staring intently at my rcck hard penis. I stood naked acting disoriented and stunned as they looked on and, after a short discussion with the wife, I backed up into the bedroom.

I closed the door and, as I was getting dressed, I heard the girls all laughing at the situation and discussing it.

This was the beginning of many, many instances in which I let virtually everyone in my wife's circle of friends as well as her family see my totally naked body, usually with a fully erect penis.