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I never did figure out who the daddy is. I'm 23 and eight months pregnant. It happened at a frat party I went to. You hear about these things but just think they're just talk. My roommate, Tammy and me decided to go to a party we were invited to. The beer and dope was given freely to anybody who wanted them. I chose the beer and Tammy chose the dope. After an hour of drinking one of the frat guys brought me another beer and kissed me. We talked and drank on a couch for another half hour when he leaned over and kissed me again. Then he put his hand inside my blouse and started playing with a nipple. I didn't fight him. I figured it was innocent enough and even willingly followed him when he took my hand and led me upstairs. I was drunk enough not to care but not too drunk to forget the evening.

He laid me on the bed in an upstairs room and laid on top of me. We kissed a while and before I knew it he had my blouse off. I'd only been fucked once before so I was pretty sure how this would end. "Make sure you use a rubber," I said. He ignored me and continued to undress me. When my clothes were off he straddled my chest and put his cock up to my lips. I'd never sucked a cock before so I was surprised when he pushed his cock past my lips. He started to mouth fuck me when I felt someone else spread my legs and start to lick my cunt. It started to feel really good when he replaced his tongue with his cock. I didn't want to be fucked without protection but I was sort of lost in the moment. Five minutes and he was cumming inside me. I was still sucking the cock of the guy straddling my chest. I felt the cock pop out of my cunt and a minute later another guy replaced him. I couldn't see who it was and was getting a little concerned now. I tried to pull my mouth off of the cock I was sucking but he held my head on his cock. A few minutes later the guy fucking me started to cum.

When he finally pulled out of me a third guy took his place. I was trying to fight them off but was ineffective. I was too drunk to even slow them down. Then the guy in my mouth started cumming. It was a lot and I nearly drowned with so much cum in my mouth. I had to either swallow or choke so I swallowed. Even after he was drained he kept his cock in my mouth until he started to get hard again. The third guy was cumming now and another guy got on the bed and replaced the cock in my mouth. I never even knew any of their names and when the third guy pulled out of my cunt the guy I was sucking replaced him between my legs. Since he had just cum once he lasted nearly a half hour before he filled me up. I was on the third cock in my mouth when the next guy started fucking me.

In all I think about eight guys fucked me and I swallowed about a gallon of cum. Now, here I am, eight months along and have no earthly idea who the father is or even who the guys were that fucked me. I remember it all and have thought about it nearly every day. I've decided to give the baby up as I can't take care of a newborn, but I can't wait to get back into some kind of shape and do it all over again.