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My brother and wife had a party on a Saturday night a couple months back and about 11 that night I noticed my brother disappeared and so did Betty with her huge tits. Mindy my sister in law headed towards the bathroom and I followed her and before she could close the door I pushed my way in with her. She was a little pissed at telling me to get out so she could take a leak but I said look at this first. They have a sliding door that goes into their bedroom from the bathroom and there was my brother fucking the shit out of Betty.

Cindy was about to go in yelling when I stopped her saying what's good for him is just as good for you. She looked at me and without a word pulled her dress up dropping her panties and took her piss then said fuck me Tom. My cock isn't big around but it's 11 inches long and she kept saying your in my womb holy fuck your in my womb. I flooded her with my cum as deep inside of her as I could.

The next night my brother who works afternoons had to go the work and Cindy called and asked me over and we fucked 3 more times that night. She called me today and told me she is pregnant and she thinks it's mine. I said that it could be my brother's and she said that they hadn't had sex for a week before the party and on the Monday after the party they had a huge fight over him fucking Betty in their own bed and she hasn't let him fuck her since so the baby has to be mine. Now she wants to move in with me. Well she is a great fuck but I don't want to live with her and told her so.

I wonder if my brother knows and if he does know does he think it's his. I think I have to move out of the area and disappear for a few years. I sure don't need a wife and a fucking kid that's for sure.