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My friend and i were doing speed and trying to hide it from my parents but my mom isnt stupid. She didnt say anything for a few days but then asked my friend for some when i wasnt around. Her and my friend had been getting high while i was doin my own things around the house. I knew she was getting spun and she knew i was but we continued to hide it from eachother. I kept my distance from her but my friend was with her non stop, but i didnt think anything of it. About 3 days into it, she asks me to go spend some time outside with my friends so she could clean the house. I went outside for a while but got bored. I came back in and heard my mom getting fucked by my friend. I didnt say anything. I just felt cucked and ignored it. He had bare backed my mom for over an hour and then left after.

That night i couldnt get it out of my head and it was turning me on knowing she had gotten fucked by my friend. I didnt want to jerk off to it because it fely so taboo but i was rock hard for hours. Picturing my mom getting deep dicked by my friends huge cock. I pictured him busting a huge load in her over and over. I started to give in to the fantasy but still refeained from touching myself. I eventually fell asleep and then had intense dreams of her getting pounded and moaning. It was so intense i came in my sleep and woke up to the flow of cum just gushing out of my dick into my underwear. It was the only time i ever came hands free or had a wet dream.