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so your sexual fantasies are not dirty just because your married with kids or your 14? but mine of genuine romance and sex in marriage and babies are dirty because I have a disability. thanks a lot. I don't even lust after H, I like other men, and they would be better knights in shinning armour and prince charmings then he could ever be to me. most of them are married but he would know all about that. and I still have not forgiven H for getting me raped. you are the dirty bastard. your whole family are evil. you wonder why I hate you all and the rapeo sicko old at the knave all by himself. and your fantasies are dirty all of you are dirtier then you imagine. one day you will be exposed. at least you know I don't love any of you. i dont miss you. I don't care for you. I don't want you around me ever again and neither do my parents want you around. my parents don't like any of you.