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I've been married for about 25 years now and have been sucking other guys' cocks for the last 20 or so but I've never been fucked by another man. More and more I've been thinking about it and even bought a small butt plug that I often wear in preparation. My wife doesn't even know I have it and would probably shit if she found out. I'd been searching my sites trying to find a guy with a small cock who wants to fuck me.

Last Friday night I was on the internet and came across a guy a few miles away that wanted to fuck me. I had him show me a picture of his cock. It looked pretty small, only about two inches soft so I didn't figure he would get too big. I was to meet him at about 10:00 that night. I showered and washed out my asshole as well as I could before I drove over. He met me at the door in a robe. He was huge compared to me. He stood about 6'4" tall and weighed over 350. I thought about it and thought I really didn't give a fuck as long as his cock was small and he fucked me. As soon as he closed the door he said, "Like I told you I'm a total top. I don't suck cock and I don't get fucked." I shook my head as he led me to his bedroom. He ordered me to take off his robe. His cock wasn't quite so small now. He was about half hard and was as big as my cock is when it's hard. He had me strip. As soon as my clothes were off he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. "Suck me," he said. I had to actually prop the top of my head on the underside of his belly in order to get his cock in my mouth. The more I sucked the bigger he got. I've heard of being a grower, not a shower and was finding out first hand what it was like. His cock was hard now and was nearly eight inches long and fairly thick.

After I had sucked his hard cock for a few minutes I took my mouth off and said, "I think you're too big for my ass. I don't think I can do this." He ignored me and pulled me up to my feet. He pushed me back on the bed onto my back. I was a little worried now. When I told him I thought I should go he shook his head no and said, "Sorry, but nobody leaves my room without being fucked." He lifted my legs up toward my chest and in a stern voice told me to hold my legs up. He had me worried now but I held my legs up against my chest. He squirted a bit of lube inside my asshole and a little on his cock. He pulled me down so my ass was hanging off the edge of the bed and put his cock up to my asshole. In one motion he shoved in. I yelled in pain. "I've found that a quick first plunge is the easiest way," he said. He stood still for a minute while the pain subsided then started to slowly fuck me. He reached under me and pulled my ass up a little. This made him brush my prostate with each thrust. I didn't even notice my own cock was getting hard.

I had never had a prostate milking but had read about it. This was like that. Each time he pushed his cock in he rubbed on my prostate, and without even touching my cock I started to cum. It was powerful and exciting to cum without my cock being stroked or sucked. "Oh, fuck," was all I could say. He let my ass down back onto the edge of the bed and started to fuck me in earnest. I found myself saying, "Fuck me harder." At first it felt like my asshole was being split apart but after about 10 minutes of this I was loving every stroke. He fucked me harder and faster until he announced he was cumming. At this point I didn't care if he filled my ass up with his jizz. He did. I felt it ooze out past his cock and run down my ass crack. I thought we were done when he said, "I usually stay hard for at least one more cum, so now I'm gonna breed your cunt of a mouth." He pulled his cock out of my ass and spun me around. He wiped his cock off with my t-shirt and put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and he put it in. It was still as hard as when he was fucking me. I had rarely sucked a cock as big as his but was enjoying every inch I could get in my mouth. He mouth fucked me for a good 20 minutes and without warning let loose. He filled my mouth with a decent load of cum and I swallowed every bit.

After I had sucked him dry so you couldn't even tell he had cum, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He put his robe back on and said, "That's it. Now get the fuck out. I expect you here next Friday at 10." I got dressed without saying anything else. He didn't say anything as he held the door open for me as I walked out. My shorts were stained with his cum as I drove home and had to wash them out before putting them in the clothes hamper. I woke up with my asshole burning and seemingly glued open. I had shit coming out of me at all times of the day for the next three days. It's now Thursday night and my ass has finally closed up. Just in time for my Friday night fucking.