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Our grandmother watched us during the day. She was a bitter and harsh woman, always using violence on me, less so on my sister.

As I grew older and started getting interested in woman I asked her once if she would let me play with her boobs. NO!

A few years later she was watching TV after her bath, clad in nighty and bath robe.

Nobody at home but her & I so I made myself hard and then showed her my erection and asked her for a hand job. No again

So I sled my hand down her robe and touch her breasts and her nipps shoot out immediately. I heard her sucking in air and my other hand went under her robe to her old pussy. A few strokes and she got wet. I opened her robe to get to her nipps and spit on my penis to lubricate. Then I did try to enter her but she was resisted and said 'get off me' but I pulled her onto the carpet and then was able to enter her. After a few strokes she seamed to get into it and I finger stroked her clit so she came almost instantly. I followed suit and filled her old pussy up with my sperm. Messed up her nighty and made her hurt.

She never said one word about this to my parents but never again let me onto her.

Years flew by and I moved away. My mother called me to say grandmother was sick. This lasted for two years. Over that time I got the schedule of her care and flew home on a red-eye. In the time there was no care giver in the house (2 - 4 pm) I entered the house and raped her in her sick bed. Shooting my load in her face, wiped her face clean and went back home to my new state.

Nothing came of it, she died a few month later.

Two forced acts are not enough punishment to make up what she did to me as child!