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I love my husband's cock. It's large, thick and he cums buckets. Every place he puts it takes me to heaven. It makes my pussy wet at work when I think about it. It makes my pussy wet in the bath tub. Even at dinner I look at a carrot and wonder how I got so lucky to have a man with such a beautiful cock.

Anyway, he had to go out of town for the weekend a couple of months back so I decided to throw a wine party for my girlfriends. There were four of us and about six bottles of wine. We threw in a movie and drank wind. After the movie we were all pretty drunk and Debbie suggested we play Truth or Dare. I wasn't so sure, but the wine was working on me so I said okay. We had one two rules. We must tell the truth and we must do the dare. It started innocent enough, but after another bottle we got a little raunchy. It was my turn and I said "Truth." Brenda asked me if I ever use a vibrator. They all giggled when I turned red and shook my head yes. June then had to take a dare. Debbie told her to get naked. She actually seemed to look forward to it as she quickly shed all of her clothes. Her tits were pretty small but her nipples stood out in excitement.

This kind of stuff went on for a couple more rounds and I was almost out of it when I said "Dare." This was my first dare and Brenda said, "I dare you to let me shave your pussy." That brought an up roar and they all started chanting, "Shave it, shave it, shave it." I was beet red but decided that it might be kinda fun. I got up and walked into the bathroom. Brenda watched me as I stripped and put about three inches of water in the tub. She then stripped off what was left of her underwear and knelt by the tub. She lathered me up with soap and began to shave me. When she had all the hair off she just kept shaving. I was reclining and enjoying it when she alternated running the razor over my lips then running her fingers up and down my slit. Then she stopped shaving and just rubbed me with her hand. I felt a finger gently slide past my clitoris and inside me. Finally we heard the other women yelling for us.

I stumbled back into the living room naked and wet from the bath. All of us were now naked and eyeing each others' bodies. I am not gay and had never had a lesbian experience but found it oddly exciting to be looking at three beautiful naked women. This time on my turn I said "Truth." June asked me if my pussy was wet. When I said no Brenda called "Liar." The rule was if someone thought one of us was lying then they had the right to check. Brenda sat next to me and put her hand on my pussy and inserted a finger. "Aha!" she said. "Wet as a fucking thunder storm." Debbie then said I had to pay the consequences. I was drunk but not too drunk to be a little worried. June walked out of the room and came back with the belt to my robe. They turned me over and tied my hands behind my back. I was on my stomach with my hands tied behind me when Brenda and June pulled my legs apart. Debbie knelt between my legs and began to rub my pussy. I tried to resist at first but after a few seconds it felt really good. I stopped resisting.

Debbie made me cum. It felt like I was being fucked when she put a second finger in my pussy. The two women holding my legs let go and I felt them start to run kisses up and down my back. After another minute they rolled me over. Debbie was still finger fucking me when June and Brenda started sucking on my nipples. I came again. June leaned up and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips and I opened my mouth to let her explore. I was in fantasy land being made love to by three other women. Before I could cum again Debbie took her fingers out and started to tongue fuck me. This made me cum a third time. If only Terry (husband) could see me now.

Brenda reached under me and untied me. I pulled her head down to mine and kissed her. I couldn't believe I was doing this. My tongue was now the aggressor in her mouth. I reached up and began to fondle her nipples and she moaned. About that time Debbie lifted my legs and I felt her tongue on my asshole. I was unsure at first but war really into it when she stuck her tongue inside me. She put her fingers back in my pussy and was finger fucking me while tonguing my asshole. "Oh, fuck me honey" I said. This was the greatest orgasm I ever had. She moved her mouth back up to my pussy and Brenda straddled my chest and moved forward until her semi-hairy pussy was at my mouth. I could smell her sex as she pulled her pussy lips apart and pressed down on my mouth. I started to tongue her and for the next 20 minutes I tongue fucked her and made her cum several times.

We licked, sucked and fucked each other for the next three hours. I fell asleep naked on the floor and when I woke up Debbie was the only one still here. She was spooning me with her hand wrapped around me holding my breast. My head hurt and I had to pee. I got up and went to the bathroom, reflecting on the night before. I know how wrong it was but when I walked back into the living room my pussy stirred again. I laid back down cuddling with Debbie and we ended up the rest of the morning kissing and licking each other. She finally left at about 2:00 that afternoon. I masturbated at least a half a dozen times that night. Terry was home Sunday afternoon and I couldn't wait to have his big cock inside me, making him wonder why my pussy was shaved clean. I can't wait until the next wine night.