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My wife of 10 years has had a best friend since they were in pre=school. My wife Ellen and her friend Linda first met in pre-K and remained close all through school. When Ellen and I got married, Linda was her maid of honor.

Linda's husband Ron and I had become good friends as well and we played a lot of golf together. Our social lives revolved around each other and no two couples could have been closer.

Ellen and I both had careers and we had decided not to have children. We were well off financially and had the best of everything when it came to material things.

I had a three day conference to attend in Chicago and flew in on a Thursday night, with the opening activities scheduled for Friday morning. I spent all day Friday and half the day on Saturday at the most boring, worthless affair that I have ever been subjected to. Saturday afternoon I decided to get the hell out of there and catch an early flight back home. I had to pay a few bucks more to change my return flight, but it would be worth it. I had also decided not to let my wife know that I would be coming home early. I picked up some flowers for my wife at the airport and figured that we would have a surprise romantic evening together and have some erotic sex. When I go home I parked in the driveway and snuck around to the back door leading into the mud room.

My wife was not in the kitchen, the TV room, or the living room so I assumed that she was in the bed room. As I walked down the hall to our bed room I could hear moaning and the rustling of activity on the bed. The door was open and as I approached the door I looked in to see Ellen and Linda in a 69 eating each others pussies. I was shocked and never had suspected that my wife would be having an affair with her best friend. As shocked as I was I was also turned on and had a raging hard on. I watched for about 5 minutes and by now I had my cock out of my pants and was stroking it.

Suddenly as my wife and Linda changed positions Ellen saw me and let out a scream. She immediately started to cry and begging me to forgive her.

I had often times fantasized about fucking Linda and I told my wife that if she was going to make love to Linda that I wanted a piece of her as well. I told my wife to leave the room as Linda and I needed some time together. My wife left the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Within seconds I was eating Linda's pussy, fingering her G-spot and sucking her clit. As I lifted her legs up exposing her beautiful ass I began licking and rimming her little brown hole. Linda told me that Ron had never licked her ass and she really loved it. Once back to sucking her clit, Linda exploded into the most intense orgasm that I had ever witnessed. I then buried my cock in her dripping pussy and shot the biggest load of cum that I had ever shot.

We then invited Ellen back into the room so we could assess the situation and get a handle on things. They admitted that they started a lesbian relationship with each other when they were in 8th grade and that it had continued all these years. Ellen told me that she loved me and always loved our love making but she also loved making love to Linda. Linda said she loved Ron as well and loved their love making but sex with Ellen added spice to her strong sexual desires.

Linda then admitted that Ron was aware of her and Ellen's affair and that he often expressed his fantasy of fucking Ellen, but he considered me his best friend and he felt it would be a betrayal of his friendship.

I asked my wife if she would like to fuck Ron and she admitted that sometimes when I wasn't around and she would be masturbating that she would think about Ron fucking her. With all the cards on the table it was just a matter of telling Ron that he was going to be a major player in this affair. Needless to say, he was all in. Maybe it was just the excitement of the whole thing or possibly boredom, but Linda and I are fucking and making love all most exclusively, and Ellen and Ron are doing the same. I fuck Linda about 10 times for every time I fuck my wife, and when I do fuck Ellen, it is so much more intense than it used to be.

Ron's and my friendship has never suffered and we still play a lot of golf and do things as a couple. God, life is good.