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I had sex with my mother when I was 50 and she was 75. A widow of some years by then.

We met up to clear the air between us and I booked a hotel in a nice resort halfway btw. us. Neutral ground, so to speak.

I booked a suite with a separate bedroom for her. After a few days preliminary blah blah and airing of grievances we started to see each other's point of view.

One evening we had a bottle of wine and mother got ready to have a bath. When I heard the water running, I took of my cloth and went into her bathroom.

She sat in the tube, using the shower to rinse her upper body. When she seen me entering the bathroom, she tried to cover herself up. I went straight into the tube with her and sat down opposite. She was shocked and did not know what to say. I looked at the old wrinkled body, the small saggy breasts and the white curly hairs below a pregnancy stretched belly. She looked at me and i seen her eye going for my penis just a fraction of a second.

I was getting hard by then and got onto my knees so she could have a better look at my hard rod. Started to stroke myself for effect and then bend down to take one of her nipples into my mouth. She did try to fend me of but I succeeded and then started to finger her in the same time.

She squirmed and said 'no, no' over and over again. I felt her pussy swell up and massaged her clit. Sure enough I felt her shudder. She sighted and archer her back a little. Bingo! Mom came!

I took her into the bedroom, oiled up my penis with bay oil (bought just for such occasion) and entered her.

She was a bit tight and fought but I was so horny be now that I went for it. Shooting my load into the same vagina I came out of was such a thrill that I got hard again just a few minutes later. This time, I took my time teasing her, trying to tit fuck (not possible due to lack of tits) and wanted her to take it into her mouth. She did not so I mounted her again, sloppy seconds, taking my time, massaging her clit so she came again.

Then masturbating in front of her face and coming onto her chest.

Next day she commented on what we did and that it is a shame and we cannot tell anyone and on and on.

I fucked her twice per day to the end of out stay in that resort.

We parted and met once since, me fucking her now 60 year old pussy. She had much trouble to reach orgasm by then. On our next meet the coming winter I will try anal with her.