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I travelled out of town to buy porn mags from a village newsagent.The woman who ran the shop was maybe in her sixties ,but had a sexy face and a slightly dated hairstyle which turned me on because it was like a sixties style seen in early glamour mags.I used to get so hard and leakingprecum looking at the mature odel or sexy granny mags ,knowing that she would know what turned me on..My heart was beating fast one day as she looked at the prices of the sexy mags with the lurid covers ,grannies in nylons ..So you like older ladies .she said to me.I could hardly talk ,my voice shaking."What do you like ",she said.I told her I likedthat they were too old for me and that made it so rude ,also I loved ff nylons especially with painted toes showing through thenylon.Oooo,you ae a naughty boy she said.If you want ,she said,you could go in the back and loo at your magazines ,if you want.I couldn,t believeit.When I went through,she said would you like to see my stocking tops?I could hardly breath as she raised her skirt to show her lovely thighs bulging over the taut stretched stockings.he put one foot on a chair ,on tiptoe and made a sexy model pose .I gasped out loud and pulled out mt throbbing dripping cock.She posed and teased ,still fully clothed while I slowly touched my rigid dripping cock..She sat on the couch and kicked off her stiletto and pointed her nylon toes hard .All men like this ,she said as I feasted my eyes on the sole of her nylon covered foot and flexed her leg like a stripper.She pulled her tits up in her bra pouted and stroked her sexy leg ,with the toes still pointed.She said ,come on you naughty boy give aunty joy all your hot spunk ,and I shot my cum high into the air in about six huge pulses ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.The cum lasted so long as she moved slowly ,encouraging me ,with a dreamy look on her heavily made up face.