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Watching you dance around with that tight little ass feels me with desire. That hot little body that you like to flirt in front of me makes my cock so hard. I dream of you posing for me in you little panties flashing just a little glimps of that wet little pussy.

You are such a flirty little thing.

Show me your body I know you want too.

I want to show you my big cock. "Can I touch it" yes sweet heart. wrap your little hand around my throbbing cock and slowly stroke it.

Now take off your clothes and let me see your naked body. I want to rub my cock on that wet little slit push it in really gently and feel the warmth of you tight cunt.

Now lick it sweet heart and taste your girl juice straight from my cock. Do you like that? Oh yes it taste so sweet.

It feels so hard but soft at the same time.

I want to taste you now. Lay down and open your legs. Let me kiss that sweet pussy.

I know you want it. The way you flirt dance and flash that little body.oozing with sexual thoughts. My little tease.