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When I was 14 my parents home from a party next door yelling at each other and both very drunk. Dad finally said "Fuck you slut am out of here." banging the door behind him.

Mom came into my room wearing a very sexy dress and as she sat on the side of my bed, she said "So he thinks am a slut just because I kissed Dave, Well I will show him what a slut does." She stood up and unbutton the button behind her neck dropping her dress leaving her in only a pant sexy black panties.

I said "Mom what are you doing? Your not in your own bedroom." She said "Its time for you to be a man, move over." as her panties hit the floor.

Mom was 33 at the time and in very good shape which was giving me a boner even if she is my mom. She grabbed my hard cock through my jockeys and started saying "I wondered if you measured up to your dad and I think you may have a inch on him."

Her head went under the covers as she pulled down my shorts taking me in her mouth. I was getting my first blow job and it was from my own mother. I kicked the covers off so I could not only see what mom was doing but cause it was getting fucking hot as well.

Mom pulled away saying "Not this time, I want you inside me." I said "What about a condom." and mom now on top of me put her hand over my mouth.

The next thing I knew was that I was in a very wet and warm spot on her body and loving it as she rode me hard. She bent down putting one of her nipples to my mouth saying "Bite it, bite it hard you little motherfucker." I did as she said and she started coming yelling for me to fuck her hard.

I would've never dreamed my mom was so dam hot as I started shooting off inside myself.

Mom felt me going soft and jumped off me saying "Not so fast you little bastard." She took me back in her mouth getting my young cock again in no time. This time she got me on top with her legs over my shoulders yelling for me to fuck her hard and deep and then after what had to be 30 or 40 minutes she yelled for me to fill her with my baby making seed.

I thought she was just excited and I never dreamed that she wasn't on some kind of birth control as I filled her for the second time. We did it 4 times that night before she went to her own bedroom. It was the only time we ever did anything other than hug. Mom wasn't one for giving kisses and I was cool with that.

Dad came home the next night and I fell asleep about 3 in the morning as I remember with them still talking things out. It was 2 months later mom come to me and said "Listen, that night when your dad and me had our fight, well you know what we did but, what we also did was make me pregnant. Now your dad thinks its his and he always will understand. Its our little secret. Got it?" I said I did cause I didn't want my parents to split up.

Mom had a little girl who I always thought of as my sister. Dad died of cancer when she was 12 and mom pasted away on my sister's 30th birthday. As for me, am married with two girls and a boy and very happy in till mom's will was read that is.

See mom had a DNA test done without me or my sister knowing and it was in her will. My wife went nuts when she found out that I am the father of my sister and wants me out of her house now. My sister punched me in the face splitting my lip wide open yelling that she never wanted to see me again.

Here's the kicker my boss is a holy roller and when he found out he fired me on the spot. And last I heard the cops are looking into it and I may end up charged with incest. Who says you cant get fucked for your fucking.