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My mother and I got really drunk one night at her house, my mother passed out sitting on the toliet with her panties and slacks down around her ankles. I was going to lift her from behind and carry her to her bedroom down the hall. I wouldn't be able to pull up her panties and slacks, so I just pulled them off from around her ankles. I got my arms under her arms and around under her big breasts, I lifted her up so her feet were off the floor and started to carry her towards the door. I looked at the mirror as I carried her closer to the door, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I seen her huge labia with hanging lips and her enormous clit protruding out from between her fat labia, I instantly got a rush of excitement shoot threw me. I carried her right up to the mirror to get a closer look at her pussy lips and clit, her clit is almost as big as my thumb and looks like a penis head at the tip. Her outer labia are big and thick, her inner labia hang off the side's of her clit and resemble a couple of lettuce leaves. I had a good long look at her naked pussy, then started to carry her towards her bedroom. She started to struggle, she lifted her arms up and slipped out of my arms onto her knees, fell forwards onto her stomach in front of me. I was staring at her pussy between her legs when she got on her hands and knees, her legs apart and her elbows on the carpet, I got a fantastic look at her big pussy from behind. I was very very excited and my penis was hard as rock, I couldn't help myself and got down behind her, I began playing around with her pussy, pulling it open and putting in my fingers. She was enjoying it, so I thought why not see if I could eat her out, so I licked and sucked on her clit from behind her. It progressed to getting her on her back and with her legs spread wide open, I ate her out. I was in a frenzy and did what I never thought that I would ever do, and I had intercourse with her, twice. I confessed to my mother over the phone the next morning, hoping she was into it, and she was.