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I was stationed on Okinawa when I met her. I was there for two years and shortly after I got there I went to a local Japanese bar with a couple of other guys. Shortly after I sat down this beautiful young woman sat down next to me in our booth. She was pretty bold and talked me into buying her a drink. Nothing else happened that night but I went back by myself the next Friday night. She was there and surprisingly recognized me. She sat right next to me and put her hand on my thigh. After a couple of drinks she said, "So, G.I., you take me back to U.S?" I laughed at that, then she said, "You take me, I suck you cock ever day." Her english was broken but pretty fluent. Then I said, "Show me."

I had never fucked anybody, or even gad a blowjob. She led me to a back room and gave me the most amazing blowjob I could ever imagine. That started it. I was there every Friday night and after a couple of months we actually started dating. I have a pretty big cock with a small uncut hood and she made me feel like a king. Before we actually fucked I had her get tested and found that she had no diseases at all. That in itself was quite a surprise. The first night we fucked was phenomenal. She said, "I suck you cock now you suck my cunny." Her cunt was clean shaven and she got very wet very quick. Then she got on her hands and knees and I mounted her from behind. She was tight and slippery. I almost came immediately but managed to make it last a few minutes. I was going deeper and pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in. She was moaning and saying things I couldn't understand. Then I accidentally pulled all the way out and when I plunged back in I missed her pussy and shoved my cock into her asshole. She shrieked and I pulled out quickly and apologized. "No, G.I." That's what she liked to call me. "You put back in poo hole." I was shocked a little but gently pushed my cock back into her asshole. I never imagined I would fuck a woman in the ass. I came harder than any jerking off session i ever had. We fucked a lot over the next year and I asked her to marry me. We moved in with her parents until it was time for me to rotate back to California. I had gone through the right channels and had permission to marry her and ended up taking her back home with me.

Back in the States it was like heaven. She waited on me constantly. She was the mate I'd always dreamed of. Our sex life was still as fresh as the first time we fucked. She would suck me anytime and anywhere I wanted. She even sucked me on the way to work on occasion. Dinner every night. She ran a bath for me and washed me head to toe nearly every night. She was fantastic. She was small and thin. Her tits were pretty small but she had big nipples. She let me do anything I wanted to her body and loved as much cum as I could give her. It didn't matter what hole I came in she made me feel like a queen. I especially liked it when we were in a 69 position and she would finger fuck my ass until I filled her mouth.

I retired after 30 years and we bought a motor home. We travel, fuck, and travel some more. I've loved every minute of it and found the perfect woman for me. We're just as happy now as we were as newlyweds. Man, what a fucking life...