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When I was thirty-four, I noticed two things that seemed to change. First was that my cock seemed to be hard almost all the time. Even after sex, it grew hard again, in minutes. It didn't seem to matter if it was a second, third, or even fourth time. After a fifth, and each subsequent time, it seemed to get hard, on it's own, after about fifteen minutes. Of course, I was far from worried about it. And, my wife and I were enjoying a lot more sex than we ever had, before!

But, what did concern me, was that I seemed to be developing breasts. When I went to the doctor that year, he noticed it, too, and suggested some tests. One of the tests revealed a very high level of estrogen in my system. The doctor asked if I was taking any kind of supplements. Other than a multi-vitamin, I wasn't. He suggested I stop the vitamin, and see if that helped. Even though I stopped the vitamins, my breasts seemed to continue to grow.

I was in the shower, one day, when I looked down at my small breasts, and, began to wonder what it would feel like to touch them. I loved playing with my wife's tits. Would I like playing with my own, as much? I loved watching her nipples grow. Would my own grow that way, too? What would it feel like? Of course, I soon found out. It felt awesome. They felt great in my hands. My nipples got really hard and pointy, when I pinched, pulled, twisted, and tweaked them. It made me really horny, and, I wound up jerking off. It wound up being a scene that was repeated, many times.

Until, one day, when my wife walked in, and, caught me playing with my breasts. She asked me what I was doing. I tried to act like I didn't know what she was talking about. She persisted. I tried to tell her I was checking for lumps.

"Bull shit!", she laughed, "You were playing with your tits! Come here!"

I stepped out of the shower, shyly. Embarrassed. She dried me, quickly, with a towel. Then, took my hand, and, led me into the bedroom.

"You're, probably, going to try to tell me it's the first time you've done it! So, I'm going to put everything to rest, right now!", she announced.

She hit the play button, on the v.c.r., and, the first time I'd touched my breasts was on the screen. Then, the second. Third. Fourth.

"Do you need to see more?", she asked.

"No", I replied, sheepishly.

"Have you noticed anything, lately?", she asked.

"Like?", I asked.

"Like your tits are getting a little bigger?", she offered,

"Well...yes.", I answered.

It was then that she told me she'd been giving me estrogen for two years. She'd been powdering the pills, and, putting it in my food. She'd, also, been giving me a supplement to make me horny and hard, all the time. Suddenly, she reached over, and, began playing with my breasts. She, even, kissed and sucked them, a little. She had me harder and hornier than ever, in a matter of seconds. I started to try to take her clothes off, but, she stopped me.

"C'mon! I'll do anything for some pussy, right now!", I begged.

"Anything?", she asked.

"Yes! Anything!", I said.

"Have I got a surprise for you!", she announced, as she took my hand, and, led me to the spare bedroom.