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I live in an old Ford van that I've converted into a tiny how. Me and my huge rotwieler. laviathian

He's three now and we can pretty much read each others minds

I like public sex and I always wear as few clothes as possible

Short skirt no panty

So Laviathian knows there's always easy access.

There's a nice park on the corner of Burdick and Kilgore in Kalamazoo

We like to go there because there are always between 30 to 50 people there and the park is less than half an acre...fairly good odds of being seen ducking Laviathian off or being watched while we're tied

I love the thrill

We've been caught a lot of times.

Once, Laviathian was humping my face with his cock sliding in and out of my throat.

I let him film us the I had him fuck me in my ass. He had a nice stiff six inch cock ... I knew how to use it well