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I grew up across the street from two lesbians. They were both pretty loose with their mouths and even looser with the way they dressed. They were always walking around their house in their bras and panties. They had a nice pool in their back yard and I was often invited to go over and go swimming. They often teased me and on a couple of occasions Teddy, the larger one with huge tits playfully grabbed my crotch. When I was 14 I was over there to take a dip in the pool and both women were already swimming. Jane already had her top off and was uninhibited with me being there. I couldn't help but stare at her tits every time she came up out of the water enough to have her tits above the water. At one point Teddy came up behind her and put her arms around Jane's chest, fondling her tits. Before I knew it Teddy's top went flying. They were both topless. My cock was tenting my trunks and I tried to stay enough under water so it wouldn't show.

They were playing and giggling and all of a sudden they both walked over to me, one on each side. "So, Terry, you know what we like almost as much as eating each other's cunts?" I was shocked but shook my head no. They both reached a hand down and put them inside my trunks. "We like a nice young man with a cock." I almost creamed right there. Teddy told me to pinch her nipple. I looked down and gawked at her big tit with a large nipple. "Go ahead" she whispered as she stroked my cock while Jane caressed my nuts. That took me over the edge and I started cumming right there in their pool. "See, I told you," Teddy said to Jane. They both laughed a little as I finished cumming in Teddy's hand. "Honey, it's okay," Jane said. "No man lasts very long when we double team him. Come on," she said as they led me out of the pool. They had me lay down on the lounger by the pool and pulled my trunks off. My cock was still rock hard and I was embarrassed. It wasn't very big but that didn't seem to bother them.

Teddy knelt down between my legs and started sucking me. Jane took off the rest of her suit and I was staring as a bald pussy. She straddled my head and lowered herself down onto my mouth. "Lick my cunny, hunny." She giggled at that a little and pressed her cunt down onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and did what came natural. Then Teddy started playing with my asshole as she gave me my first blowjob. When she started to finger fuck my ass I couldn't hold it any longer and tried to tell her I was gonna cum. I couldn't make much noise with a cunt in my mouth. When I started to cum Teddy didn't make a sound but just kept sucking until I was drained. About that time I could taste Jane's juice flooding my mouth. They finally let me up and told me that anytime I needed a good blowjob or wanted to learn how to fuck properly they were available.

We started going on fishing trips on the weekends. My parents were none the wiser. They taught me how to fuck, how to take it up the ass, how to drink, how to smoke and turned me into a regular fucking machine. I've been married for 20 years now and still a nice blowjob from one or both of them and have taken at least three dozen cocks up the ass. My wife knows nothing and never will, but I'm not ready to give it up yet, nor will I until the day my cock doesn't work anymore.