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I had worked for about a year downtown when I first met her. I was in the elevator with a number of other people when she backed into me. Instead of moving away she backed up a little more. When she got off she turned and smiled at me. Over the next couple of weeks this scene played out more than once. One day we were the only two on the elevator when she backed into me, turned her head and whispered. "You know, rubbing your cock like this get my nipples hard." With that she got out as the doors opened. A few days later we were the only two on the elevator again and she backed into me. I got a little bold and said, "You know, rubbing my cock like that makes me want to make your nipples hard." She grabbed my hands and pulled them around to the front. "Show me." I tweaked each of her nipples and she said "Harder." I pinched them as hard as I could and hel them until the doors opened. She walked out without saying a work. My cock was hard.

The next time we were on the elevator she leaned up and kissed me and said, "I'm kinda kinky, too." I said, "Yeah? If we were together what would you do to me?" She took a step back and said, "I would be your Mistress and you'd do everything I wanted." I asked "Yeah? Like what?" "Well, for starters you'd have a butt plug up your ass right now." The elevator doors opened and she got out. That got me thinking and that night I went to the adult store and bought a couple of butt plugs. I'd never tried them before so I started small. Each night when I got off work I put the small plug in my ass for an hour or so and worked my way up to the intermediate plug. The next time I saw her was out in the smoking area. We were the only two out there and when we were ready to walk back in I said, "So, if I plugged my ass, what then?" She just raised her eyebrows and put her hand on my cock. We were in an area the had a wall behind us and we could see anybody coming. "Is that an offer?" she asked. When I didn't say anything she said "Prove it."

The next day I put a plug in my ass just before leaving for work and happened to meet her at the smoking area again. When everybody else had gone back in she just said "Well?" I just smiled. "Let me see" she said and put her hand down the back of my pants. She found the plastic sticking out of my ass and tapped on it. Then she pulled it out an inch or so and pushed it back in. She said "Tomorrow, put on a cock ring too." Then she walked off. I went back to the store that night and bought an expensive cock ring. We played out the same scenario the next day but she took extra time to fuck my ass a little bit with my butt plug. I almost came in my slacks. "You ready for me?" she asked. I said "I think so." Over the next couple of weeks she fucked me with my plug more and more. She had me wear adult diapers in case I happened to cum in my pants. I did once. We also talked a lot. She found out my wife had left me for another woman, that I had only fucked two women in my life, had never been with a man and had never had a butt plug up my asshole until I met her.

The next Friday she said I was to be at her house at 6:00 for dinner. I agreed and arrived precisely at 6. It was a nice dinner and after a bottle of wine she took me into her bedroom. "My bed, my rules, got it?" she said. I said okay and she got us both naked. She laid me on the bed and proceeded to tie my hands to the bed posts. They were tight enough that I couldn't pull myself loose. My cock was already getting hard. She straddled me and started kissing me. Then she moved down to my chest and chewed on my nipples a bit. That kinda hurt but I said nothing. After a bit she turned around into a 69 position with her cunt on my mouth. She was clean shaven and tasted great. She started sucking me like my ex-wife never could. She played with my nuts, my asshole and generally had me turned on for the next 20 minutes. She would wet her finger and gently finger fuck my ass while deep throating me. She would edge me and let my cock calm down and start again. I was ready to burst. Then she pulled my legs back toward my chest and spread my ass cheeks. Then I felt something else. Someone else crawled up on the bed. I couldn't see who it was, hoping it was one of her girlfriends. Instead, I felt a slight pain as a cock was being shoved in my ass. I yelled "No, I'm not gay." Neither of them said anything and I was tied to the bed rather tight. His cock went farther into my asshole than either of my plugs and I felt the difference between a plastic plug in my ass verses a real cock sliding in and out of me. Each time he thrust forward his cock touched my prostate. With him working my prostate from the inside and her rubbing my prostate from the outside I went from shocked to cumming in a matter of seconds. She took my entire load and kept sucking as he fucked me.

It took him about 15 minutes to cum and he filled my asshole to overflowing. When he finally pulled out I felt empty. His cock sliding in and out of my ass was a truly erotic feeling and I was loving it. It wasn't a few seconds after he got off the bed when I felt a second cock push its way into my asshole. This cock was much bigger than the first one. After the initial slight pain I felt like I wanted him to fuck me all night. It wasn't long and he came inside me too. After he left the room Heather turned back around and laid on top of me. She then put a sleeping mask on me without saying a word. Now I was blind, too. She crawled off of me and somebody else crawled up and straddled my chest. I felt him lean forward and put his cock up to my lips. "Suck it" she demanded. When I hesitated she grabbed my nuts and squeezed. I knew I was in a pickle so I opened my mouth and let him put his cock in. He slowly fucked my mouth as his cock got hard. Even though I'd never done anything like this before I found that I really liked it. I began to look forward to him cumming down my throat, and when he did I coughed and sputtered but swallowed it all.

When he finally pulled his spent cock out of my mouth and left she untied me but told me to keep the mask on. She said she had one more friend that wanted to fuck me and if I wanted to get fucked again to turn over on my stomach. I did. I spread my legs a little and a moment later he crawled up on the bed. My ass was still slippery from the two loads of cum I already had in me. He was very heavy with a big belly as he laid on top of me and put his cock up to my asshole. He had a monster cock and about split me apart as he put that monster in me. I groaned a little but as he started to slowly fuck me I really got into it. I kept telling me to fuck me harder and he was soon pounding me to the point I thought he would crush me. He was a fucking stud and lasted for over 30 minutes. His cock was bigger than the other two and after he came inside me he pulled his cock out. she told me to turn over, and as I did he positioned me so my head was off the edge. I was still blind but as soon as he put his cock up to my lips I was eager to take as much of it as I could. After another 20 minutes of sucking his cock he said he was gonna cum. I clamped my lips around the head and took everything he could give me.

I was exhausted when he finally left and Heather took off my blindfold. She said it was late and I better leave. I got dressed and she said to be here next Friday at 8. We played similar scenes every week for a few months and she finally told me her work was done and I would have to find another toy to play with. After about three weeks without being fucked or sucking a cock I couldn't stand it. All of a sudden I realized I absolutely loved cock. That fucking bitch had turned me into a cock loving cum-slut and I have been getting as much cock as I can get ever since.