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I was fairly tired from working the church retreat with teens, and decided to take a couple of hours off in mid week one evening. The group was over a big campfire for songs and fun, and I retired to the cabins. Lying on my bunk, i began to get hard thinking of one little fourteen year old sweetie in the group...tiny, blonde, perky tits, long tanned legs, and tight pussy. I got to thinking that her cabin was right next door, and wondered about her panties...thus aroused, I grabbed a penlight and quietly and carefully went to the girl's cabin, whilst keeping an eye on the trail to see if anyone was coming back that way. No one was, so I proceeded to enter the girl's cabin, and used the penlight to search out the bunks. I recognized her sleeping bag from the load in, and noticed a mesh laundry bag hanging form the bunk bed post. I opened the bag and dipped my hand into the bag, and almost immediately found a pair of silky, tiny, panties. I raised them to my nose to inhale the sweet, sweet scent of fourteen year old pussy. Hard, I began to jerk, first with my hand, then with the soft silk of the panties..OMG, was this good and dirty!. I slowed as I was about to cum, and holding he pen-lite in my

teeth, directed the beam to my hand and cock, finding the crotch of the panties, and came on the soft cotton panel. I placed the panties back in the bag, and left the cabin. Often wonder if she or her mom (whoever did laundry), noticed anything amiss on the panties...and had many more lovely fantasies of her wearing those panties...