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when i was about 13 i got rally into masturbating. ive always had a big clit o started by just rubbing my tip nd making myself pee and squirm around but never actually having an orgasm, then my brother got his girlfriend a dog and they would let us keep her at my houe over night sins they lived so close, one day i thought about all the Japanese bestiality movies id watched my pussy tingled at the thought of getting my clit licked, i waited for my mom to go to work i went into the kuchen and i grabbed the peanut butter, she was an extremely tiny dog so iput her up on the couch put some peanut butter on my clit and let her lick me clean and i just kept repeating the process i was a ater fall down thee but again no orgasm but then one day im sitting on the couch with a blanket on and she jumps up and lays next to me under the blanket she stars liking my pussy lip thats hanging out of my underwear and then moves right to my clit with no instruction her hot little tongue on my clit was just amazing and made cum for the first time with my mom in the room it was magical and i dont know that will have such an experience again.