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We had been married for 11 years when I caught him. I came home from work early one Thursday afternoon and saw Jenny's car in our driveway. She had told me she would be out of town for the week. She had been my best friend for about five years and we did nearly everything together. I thought we had no secrets, even talking about our sex lives with our husbands. According to Jenny, Tom her husband had a really big uncut cock. So it was a surprise when I pulled up and saw her car. I didn't want to create a really awkward situation so I went around back to look into the glass doors. She was bent over the couch and he was fucking her like it was his first time. He was sweating and grunting and she kept telling him to fuck her harder and deeper. He was sure trying. I was pissed. I left for a couple of hours and when I got home he acted like nothing was different from any other day. He couldn't even guess that I was at Jenny's house talking to Tom about her and Terry (my husband) fucking in my living room. We made a plan for revenge.

The next night was Friday. I came home early again and made a really nice dinner for Terry. I knew I could get him in the mood with dinner and a couple of beers. I told him there was gonna be some cock sucking and fucking tonight and I knew I would enjoy it. He liked it when I told him we were going to fuck, and even more when I told him I would suck his cock. I think he misunderstood. I wasn't gonna suck his cock or let him fuck me tonight. On occasion we would play sex games so after he showered I tied him on the bed naked on his back. He couldn't free his hands or feet. His cock was already getting hard. I left the bedroom for a few minutes. When I came back in I was fully clothed and was holding Tom's hand. He was naked and his cock was kind of floppy and about five inches long with a full hood. I had him stand near the bed so Terry could see and I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was already bigger than Terry's and it still had a bit of growth left. Terry was demanding to know what was going on and why I was doing this. When I asked him why he thought I was doing this he hemmed and hawed around and swore he had no idea.

Tom crawled on the bed and straddled his chest. "Suck him," I said. "No" he replied. "Okay, Tom, fuck him." "No. Not that!" Terry yelled. "Anything but that!" I said, "Okay, then suck him." He didn't open his mouth right away, but with a little coaxing with his cock, Tom managed to get his cock in Terry's mouth. "Not one fucking word!" I said as Tom began to mouth fuck my husband. This really got me turned on and my juices were flowing. At first he hated it and tried to pull his mouth away but Tom was persistent. He grabbed Terry's ears and began to use his mouth like a wet, juicy cunt. It only took about five minutes and I sensed that Tom was ready to cum. I told Terry he better take it all or he would regret it. Tom pulled his head forward and started cumming. I'll hand it to him, Terry did his best to swallow it all but some dribbled out past Tom's cock and down Terry's chin. I couldn't help but stare at Tom's big cock. It was much larger than Terry's and very thick. I had one hand playing with a nipple and one in my pants as Tom continued to fuck Terry's mouth even though he had just dropped his load. I looked at Terry's cock and it was hard as well. He was loving this. I got more excited as Tom's cock got rock hard again.

Then I told Tom it was time to fuck him. Tom hopped off of his chest and scooted down between his legs. Terry never let me play with his asshole so this was the perfect revenge for him fucking Jenny. "Why are you doing this?" Terry asked, tears starting to form in his eyes. "Well," I said. "I figured since you got fucked by his wife you might as well get fucked by him as well. I nodded to Tom and gave him a tube of KY. He lubed Terry's ass inside and out. When he was satisfied it was slippery enough he lifted Terry's ass up a bit and scooted forward. He plunged his cock in all at once. Terry screamed with pain. Tom fucked him for at least 20 minutes before Terry started to fuck him back. He was lost in the moment and I could tell he was now enjoying being fucked in the ass by this big cock. I reached over and put my hand around Terry's cock. Without even stroking him he started to cum. His first shot hit him in the face and I chuckled. A few minutes later Tom tensed up and I could tell he was filling Terry's asshole with his second load. Terry had his eyes closed and was moaning a little as tom emptied his nuts.

After Tom left with Terry still tied up we talked about it. It was a heated argument and I let him know that this was Tom's and my revenge for him fucking his wife. But things took a strange turn. Instead of using this as a purely revenge tool it turned into a revelation that we both enjoyed him being fucked by another man. We got into the swinger lifestyle and now I relish the opportunities for him to fuck other women and men and in turn I get to fuck anybody I want. We are both bi-sexual now and have never been closer.