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My sister stayed at my house for a few days and one afternoon came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She was on her way to her bedroom and when she passed me I pulled the towel off to see her body.

For a mid-30 woman her body is average. I did manage to tough her breast and got hard immediately. Sister did try to get the towel back from me and we wrestled around some. I took out my penis and stared masturbating while she still tugged on the towel. Sis watched me, alternating looks from penis to my eyes. I shot my load in a kleenex and thanked her for her assistance.

Next day i walked around naked after shower and in the end of her stay we lost all our inhibitions. She trimmed her pussy with one leg up on the bathroom counter, with door and lips open.

I want to pursue a sexual relationship with her and will bring it up next time she visits.