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My mom was giving hit a lot from dad when he was drinking and I was tried of hearing him calling her names and punching her so when I was 14 I heard dad going at mom and I walked out with my baseball bat. I nailed him along side his head and told him if he ever touched mom again I would kill him. I took mom's hand and lead her to my bedroom telling her she would be safe there. Mom sat on my bed crying and I put my arm around her holding her. She turned to me thanking me for stepping in then kissed me on my lips. I was taken back at first but my mom is sexy as hell and one reason dad gets so upset was all the times other men would hit on mom, even his own brother hit on mom with me in the room. I looked into mom's eyes and kissed her back only harder and longer. After a few more kisses the clothes started coming off and mom went down on me giving me my first blow job. Just before I could cum mom asked me if I loved her and I told her I did with all my heart and she pushed me on my back. She climbed on top of me taking me inside her love hole which was very warm and wet. I heard dad storm out of the house and burned rubber as he drove off. I didn't know then that it was the last time we would see him alive. Mom and me were enjoying ourselves and when I was getting ready to cum mom said make me pregnant, give me your baby honey. With her saying that made me cum harder then I had ever cum by my hand before. We were making love for the 3rd time that night when the door bell rang and mom put a robe on finding a cop at our door saying to mom that dad went through a stop sign in front of a semi truck and had died at the scene. Mom got everything and she now has a baby girl and I am hoping our next baby will be a boy.