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My daughter turned 16 in June and wanted a car of her own but she don't work and has no income to paid for it. I told her she would have to paid for it some how or way. She looked at and lifted her top over her tiny tits saying is this worth daddy?

I was shocked by her but I also knew she had been fucking for over a year so I said 10 bucks if I get to play with them trying to scare her off. She smiled and pushed her nipple in my open mouth saying we can do more daddy if you want, if you want we can do it all daddy.

I thought my daughter is a fucking slut and said Ok I want to screw you in your ass. She dropped her shorts and only said use so lube please daddy.

My wife says that I'm spoiling our daughter but its me being spoiled cause there is nothing she wont do even letting my pee in her mouth and going as far as doing ass to mouth.

Its funny my wife didn't even notice that our love making slowed to maybe once a week or maybe she just don't care that it slowed down.