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My husband and I moved in about a year ago. It was a nice neighborhood, and our next door neighbors, Darius and Tammy had a built-in pool. We spent a number of nights in the pool with them. Darius liked to flirt with me and on occasions mentioned my big tits. I took it in stride and didn't think anything of it and Tammy didn't seem to mind. He flirted with all the women.

One day Darius came over and said they were moving to Utah. He said his job was transferring him. We held a little celebration that night, just Terry, my husband, Darius and me. Tammy was at her sister's house for the weekend. We got a couple cases of beer and started drinking about 7:00 that night. Both Terry and I were pretty drunk and Terry was half passed out on the couch. Darius held his hand out for me and I took it. He took me into the kitchen and kissed me. Then he said, "Since we're leaving I thought we should fuck at least once." I told him it wasn't a good idea and that I loved my husband. He seemed to ignore me. He turned me around and started to feel my tits under my bra. Then he unclipped my bra and pulled it over my tits. I was a little lost in the moment When he rolled my nipples in his fingers they got hard and he noticed. He nibbled on my ear and I put my head back to give him access to my neck. He turned me around and kissed me again. The next thing I knew I was on my knees and had his big black cock in my mouth. It was huge compared to Terry's cock. All of a sudden I wanted it in me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me. He lifted me up on the island and pulled me so my ass was hanging off the edge. His cock was at least eight inches long and when he shoved it in my cunt I came almost immediately. I ended up cumming four times before he pulled his cock out of me and came on my belly. Then he rubbed it all over my belly and tits.

Then he said, "Watch this." He walked into the living room naked and pulled Terry down a little. He straddled Terry's chest and told him it was time to suck a real cock. I was shocked when Terry opened his mouth and Darius began to mouth fuck him. I'm not sure Terry knew what he was doing but didn't seem to mind having a cock in his mouth. After about 10 minutes Darius was hard again. He pulled his cock out and got off of Terry. He undid Terry's pants and took them off along with his underpants. He pulled Terry off the couch and turned him around so he was kneeling on the floor bent over the couch. I was actually turned on by this and had three fingers in my cunt while Darius slowly worked his cock into Terry's asshole. He started to fuck him. Slowly at first, then harder and faster until he had Terry grunting with each thrust. He reached around and started stroking Terry's cock while he was ass fucking him. Almost immediately Terry started cumming. After Terry had dropped his load Darius pulled back out. He wiped his cock off on Terry's shorts and turned him back around. He stood in front of Terry and Terry leaned up and took his cock back in his mouth.

"Your husband's just a little cocksucking bitch, ain't he?" Darius asked. "Bitch," he said to Terry, "I'm gonna cum in your mouth and you're gonna swallow every fucking drop." He said nothing else and five minutes later Darius tensed up and filled Terry's mouth with a second large load of cum. I came hard as well. Terry sucked him dry and Darius finally pulled out and got dressed. I escorted him to the door. "So, when are you guys moving out?" He laughed a hearty laugh. "Bitch, we ain't going nowhere. I just said that to get me some of this pretty white cunt." He reached down to cup my pussy as he said that. I tried to get mad and called him a lying mother fucker, but his cock made me feel something Terry never could.

We spent the rest of that summer fucking, and at least three times I caught Terry either sucking his cock or getting fucked in the ass by that giant black cock. I can't fuck Terry anymore, not after having Darius' cock in my tight little cunt, but I do get all the cock I can handle. And so does Terry.