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It's always amazed me what goes on the mind of a friend when someone comes out. I have had three friends come out in one year. Each time I wondered what it was that made them start liking men and shunning women. The first time I thought it was kind of gross. The second time, however got me thinking and wondering. Does he really take it up the ass? Does he kiss other guys? How would it be to have him suck my cock? Then I wondered where that thought came from. I wondered how big his cock was. Was it circumcised? I tried to put the thoughts out of my mind, and it took about two months but I finally determined that he was who he was and I was who I was.

A couple of months later my other buddy Terry announced that he had a boyfriend and was moving in with him. We were always pretty close as friends so when he told me I did my best to understand. As we talked that night the same thoughts came into my mind about him. How big? Cut or uncut? Kissing? As we sat there I felt my cock starting to get hard. I think he noticed. "Art, you're thinking about it, aren't you?" I said "Um, I just have questions." "Fuck, Ter, your cock tells me you're thinking about it, aren't you?" I hemmed and hawed around it until he grabbed my face with both hands and turned me toward him. He kissed me. It was soft and tender. I didn't push him away. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" I shook my head no. I was nervous and almost came in my pants when he put his hand on my thigh and ran it up to my cock. "Why don't you let me show you?" He reached down and unbuckled my pants and unbuttoned and unzipped me. "Just lean back and relax." He worked my pants and shorts down over my ass and my half hard cock popped out. "You have a gorgeous cock," he said as he bent down. I couldn't believe it. He took my cock in his mouth. It was better than my wife could ever do. He deep-throated my six inches and within two minutes I was ready to cum. When I told him he clamped his lips around the head and sucked like a vacuum until I gave him my entire load.

After he had sucked me dry I expected it to be over. Instead, he kept my cock in his mouth and started to fondle my nuts, and as my cock started to get hard again he ran his finger around my asshole, eventually putting it in. It felt really good so I let him continue. Then he massaged my prostate and within minutes I was cumming again. "Oh, fuck," I whispered as he finally took his mouth off. He leaned up and kissed me again. This time he parted my lips with his tongue. I tasted my cum mixed with our saliva and sort of liked it. He broke the kiss and stood up. He took his pants off and I couldn't help staring at his half erect cock. It was about the same size as mine and cut. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and he said, "Go ahead, try it." He stepped a little closer. I was mesmerized by it and almost instinctively bent forward and took it in my mouth. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever put in my mouth. I had no thoughts except how best to suck him. I guess I did okay. Within five minutes he said he was cumming. I did as he did and clamped my lips around the head and let him fill my mouth. I swallowed most of it and thought it tasted pretty good. I really didn't want to stop so I kept my mouth on him for the next 10 minutes. He was finally getting hard again.

Then he said, "Here, let me show you something even better." He had me stand up and took my pants and shorts off. He had me turn around and bend over. He actually started to lick my asshole. What a fucking feeling! My cock was starting to get hard for the third time. That was a first for me. He then added a finger, gently finger fucking my ass and I started to push back as he pushed his finger in. Then it was two fingers. There was no pain as I was as relaxed as I could be. He took his fingers out and moved in behind me. He put his cock up to my asshole and slowly pushed it in. Again there was no pain. As he started to fuck me I realized how a man could become gay. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes and then pulled me back into him. I could tell he was cumming. With his cock still in my he reached around and stroked my cock. It only took about 10 strokes and I was cumming too. It wasn't much at all, but the feeling was phenomenal.

When he took his cock out of my ass I was suddenly embarrassed. I just let my best friend fuck me in the ass. I never thought as myself as gay, but now I was having second thoughts. He promised he would never tell anybody and said that he would let me suck his cock any time I wanted. I relaxed a little bit and we talked about it. He brought up the points that men aren't afraid of cock, they will suck it or be willing to get fucked nearly any time. Most men will swallow without hesitation and won't judge a proclivity. Most men like things in their ass and have toys. They are more willing to play any sex games their partner wants. In addition, most are real men, drinking beer, farting, watching sports, don't care if you're a little sloppy and generally won't nag.

That was two years ago. My life with my wife just wasn't the same after that and when I told her I thought I might be gay she divorced me. Now I live with Art and we suck and fuck nearly every day. He was right on all points and although we aren't married we live and love together and have a lot of orgy parties and I've never had as many orgasms as I have now. I think I finally get it...