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I left a small discreet flyer in a local gay bar, with my phone number, and I picture of me, trussed up in a long rubber-lined bag, with my tongue protruding from one small zipper, and my goodies through another. The message read "Looking for a large number of men who would face-fuck me endlessly, and maybe do some orgasm delay/denial to the point of near insanity! I want to be marinated in cum, for days! Serious! Anyone? Absolute discretion assured! Heard nothing for about a week, then a well-spoken voice on the phone asked how serious I was! Utterly serious, I responded, and he said her had a group of older wealthy friends who were recreating the Victorian "Hellfire Club" and was I interested in fulfilling my fantasy with their help! Well of course I was!

Following instructions, I waited outside the bar, with totally blacked out sunglasses, until a car pulled up and I was led into it, along with my suitcase full of gear. Drove for ages, and ended up somewhere unknown. Buzz of conversation, and I was helped out of my clothes, and into my bag, and soon was totally helpless, tied at the neck, waist and under my feet! My goodies were pulled outside, and the zipper eased tight round the roots, then the onslaught began! I swallowed what I could, and the rest gradually worked its way downwards and began to accumulate in the bag! I couldn't believe this was actually happening, and I cooperated every way I could, to bring about the maximum amount of orgasms, as the hours passed with delightful slowness. It seemed like there were maybe twenty of them, and by the twentieth, number one was ready again! Soon every inch of my body was covered with semen, and still more accumulated. I realized there had to be a lot more than twenty, probably friends/relatives brought in. At some point, it came to a halt, and they all left. I was so exhausted I slept really well, and was awakened eventually with the first penetration of the Saturday! Soon my stomach was full, and when I managed to communicate my readiness to upchuck, they loosened the neck rope, closed the zipper over my mouth, and I vomited about a quart of cum into the main body of the bag, before they retied it, as before. Then the slow endless penetration began again, taking up all of Saturday! The bag was about half-full by now, and I was actually marinating in it, as sought out! That night I hardly slept, in case I drowned while asleep!

Sunday was a repeat, and the bag was full fairly quickly. It seeped under the rope at my neck, and slowly covered my face and head, as I fought for air! By then they were sated, I guess, because they began to torment my swollen goodies, endlessly, never allowing me to come, until a point where I was loaded into a vehicle, and driven away somewhere else. On arrival, they loosened the ropes at my waist and under my feet, and left. When I finally freed myself, I was home! I kept the bag almost full, while I showered, ate, and hydrated myself, then called my older brother, and asked him to come round and refasten me, for that night! He was happy to oblige and helped himself to several blow-jobs that night! I didn't wash the bag out until the following weekend, and big bro happily trapped me in it every night that week, and helped himself again!