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I have been married for 23 years and don't get much sex from my wife these days. As a teenager I sucked a guy's cock once and have thought about it off and on since then. I've never cheated on my wife but have been watching gay porn for a couple of years and have wondered what it would be like to get butt fucked. I've asked my wife to play with my asshole but she just won't do it so one night I got on-line and found a guy who said he was a total top and looking for an ass to fuck. I thought I would give it a try so I answered his add. We set it up for the next night. I made an excuse with my wife and headed over to his house.

The guy who answered the door was enormous. He was about 6'4" tall and had one of the largest bellies I'd ever seen. He made me seem really small. He took me into his bedroom and had me take off his robe. Then he had me strip and pushed me down to my knees. I was staring ag a cock at least two inches longer than mine. When he put his cock up to my lips I opened my mouth and put my lips around the head. I felt my cock start to get hard as I sucked him to full erection. Then he pushed me off of his cock and told me to get on the bed. He pulled me down so my ass was at the edge of the bed and when he knelt down and started to lick my asshole I never imagined it could feel so good. When he had my ass nice and slippery he stood up. He had me pull my legs back toward my chest and put his cock up to my ass. As he pushed in I tried to relax. It felt like he was splitting me apart but he didn't seem to care. When I told him it hurt he just said, "Too bad. I like my cunt tight and my bitch to take it." It hurt to the point I begged him to stop. "Just so you know, I'm gonna cum in you more than once.." He chuckled at that as I was trying to get him out of me.

Finally he tensed up and came in my ass. His jizz oozed out past his cock and down my ass crack. Then he pulled out and I breathed a sigh of relief. I figured we were done but he informed me we were just getting started. He twirled me around until my head was now right under his cock. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and told me to clean him up. I tasted his cum as he mouth fucked me until I had sucked him clean, then he kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again. He had me stand up and bend over the bed. He shoved his cock in my cum-lubed ass and buried himself to the hilt. I felt his large nuts slap against mine as he pounded me into submission. I was crying from the pain for the first five minutes, then the pain subsided and I felt it every time he brushed against my prostate. He milked my prostate with his cock and I actually came before he did.

When I got home that night I reflected on what had happened. I thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by this giant stud and can't wait until next time.