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After 15 years my wife didn't seem to want sex anymore, so when Karen approached me at the bar one Friday night I was really flattered. We chatted for at least an hour when she asked me to buy her a drink. She was pretty tipsy and seemed rather uninhibited, but it shocked me when she said, "Would you still kiss me if I swallowed?" It took me off guard but I managed to say, "Of course I would." She just said "good" and took me by the hand. She led me to her van and opened the side door. As we stepped in she told me to get undressed. I stripped and she had me lay back in the seat. She bent down and took my cock in her mouth. This was a better blowjob than my wife ever gave me and I came as hard as ever. Even before I was drained she took her mouth off my cock and bent up and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips and I could taste my cum on her tongue.

I was still dripping when she put her mouth back on my cock and started sucking me again. She sucked me dry but didn't stop after I was spent but sucked me while my cock grew half soft, then hard again. I was in heaven. She sucked me for at least a half hour and I almost couldn't stand it anymore. She never missed a beat and when I came a second time she didn't even flinch. She took her mouth off of my cock and leaned up to kissed me again. This time as her tongue pushed into my mouth she deposited my entire load from her tongue to mine. If I could have I would have cum a third time as we kissed and mingled our spit with my cum. when we finally stopped kissing she said it was her turn.

We switched positions with me kneeling in front of the seat. She sat down and hiked up her skirt. When I pulled her panties down I was staring not at a cunt but a cock. I had never sucked a cock and had never really thought about sucking a cock but having just tasted my own cum and finding it wasn't half bad I decided that I would give it a try. He had tits like a woman but a cock like a man. I sucked him for about 15 minutes and he announced he was cumming. I decided to try to take it so I closed my lips around the shaft and put his cock in as far as I could and when he shot his first shot I was hooked. I kept sucking until he came a second time and enjoyed every minute of it. He said I sucked his cock better than anybody ever had.

We made arrangements to meet every Friday night and after a couple of times I let him fuck me. I told my wife that it was okay she didn't want sex anymore and made her think that I just jerk off a lot. It's a good thing she hasn't noticed my asshole is just a gaping cunt for any man with a cock to use and cum in.