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I found that I liked it when my girlfriend put a finger in my asshole when she was sucking my cock. I tried to get her to put two fingers in but she said that was for gays and she wouldn't do it. She decided I wasn't for her and left me. I thought about getting another woman. Instead I got on-line and found a place called "Butt Plug City." It was an on-line store so I ordered a set of three, a starter set. when they arrived I lubed my ass up and finally worked the small one in. What a fucking feeling. After using it a couple of days I tried the medium sized one. It was a little tougher to put in but I managed it. I used that one for about three weeks and it was finally time to try the large one. It hurt like a fucker at first but I pushed until it finally got past my sphincter. It felt like I had three fingers in my ass.

After using the big one for a couple of weeks I got into fucking myself with it. I got back on-line and ordered a couple of dildoes and began a regimen of fucking myself with the smaller one and loved it. The big one was about eight inches long and I could barely get my fingers around it. I had lost all fear by this time and began to fuck myself with the large one. This one had a suction cup so I could stick it on a kitchen chair and fuck myself until I couldn't stand it any longer.

Back on the net I started to watch videos of ass fucking and found than in reality most women didn't want anything in their ass but there were any number of local men that were more than willing to fuck or be fucked by another man. I didn't consider myself gay but was really wanting to try a real cock in my ass. So one night I answered a C/L ad from a guy who said he was a total top and was looking for a man cunt to fuck. I answered his ad.

He answered the door in just a bath robe. He was a large man, at least eight inches taller than me and was quite heavy. He was home alone and as soon as I walked in he ordered me to strip. I quickly took off my clothes and he said the if I was to stay I would have to do everything he said. I thought about it and finally agreed. "Good" he said, "Now get down on your knees." I knelt down and he stood in front of me. He opened his robe and I was staring at a rather large cock. It was longer than my five inches by an inch but was thicker than anything I had put in my as up until now. "What?" I asked. "Suck it" he said. "I'm not gay. I just wanted to feel a real cock in my ass for once." He just said "Suck it, cunt." He had a stern look that said I better do as he said. I reluctantly leaned forward a little and he put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth a little and he shoved his cock in and began to mouth fuck me. I hated it at first but after about a minute I found that having my mouth filled with a cock was exhilarating. I started to suck him without him moving and he soon had the biggest hard-on I'd ever seen. Before I knew it he was filling my mouth with his cum. I had no intention of sucking cock let alone swallowing, but that is exactly what I was doing.

After I took his load I noticed that my own cock was hard. I started to wonder, "Am I now gay?" Instead of pulling out he told me to keep sucking. I sucked every drop out of him and sucked him for another five minutes until he was hard again. "Turn around and bend over the table." By now I wasn't even worried about how big his cock was, I wanted it in my ass. He squirted some lube on and in my asshole and I felt him put his cock up to my ass. He shoved his cock in my ass in one motion. It about split me apart. I yelled that it was too big but he was undeterred. "Shut the fuck up and be a good little cunt." It was splitting me in half and the pain was tremendous. Even with my dildoes I wasn't prepared for this. It hurt so bad I was crying, the tears flowing freely.

He finally slowed down and started to fuck me in a way I could handle it. The pain subsided and he started to rub against my prostate each time he thrust forward. This went from total agony to total pleasure. "Ohhh, fuck me" I was now saying. "That's a good cunt. You want to be my bitch now, don't you?" I answered "Oh, fuck yeah." He fucked me for another 10 minutes and then pulled my hips back and started to cum. He had huge nuts and had a large second load. It was squirting out my ass past his cock . He quickly pulled his cock out and had me turn around and kneel down. He had my shirt in his hand and wiped the shit off of his cock. He shoved it back in my mouth and shot the rest of his load in my mouth. I eagerly sucked it down and even sucked him clean. "Now we rest" he said as he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He sat on the couch and had me get him a beer then lay down on the carpet at his feet. He said this was my way of showing him I was his bitch. He had that stern look on his face again so I laid down at his feet. About 20 minutes later he had me get up and lay across his lap face down. As soon as I was in the prone position he slapped my ass. I yelped. "Shut the fuck up" he said and slapped me again. He commenced to spank me, hitting me harder each time and within 30 seconds I was squirming and crying again. He kept it up for about three minutes and my ass was on fire. Then he shoved two of his fat fingers in my asshole and finger fucked me for a few seconds. Then he put a third finger in. As he worked them in and out he was opening my asshole up even more than his cock did. Finally he put a fourth finger in and I was actually looking forward to him opening me up.

He alternated spanking me and finger fucking me for the next 20 minutes or so. His cock was getting hard and he was getting turned by this. Then he told me to sit on his cock. I could barely get up, my ass hurt so much.I finally managed to straddle him and put my asshole onto the tip of his cock. I was still lubed up from his cum and when he pushed me down I slid onto his cock easily. He had me play with his nipples as I bounced up and down, essentially fucking him with my ass. This went on for a good half hour and I was totally exhausted by the time he finally came.

When he was done with me he pushed me off and I fell to the floor. He told me to get dressed and get the fuck out. I was spent, humiliated and just wanted to go home and sleep. As I got to the door he said, "Tomorrow night, same place, same time. I closed the door and left. Needless to say I was there the next night and every Friday night for the next six months. He finally got tired of my loose asshole and needed new pussy. I moved on and have continue to look for the biggest cocks I can find. I guess I really am gay.