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My wife, Janis has a friend, Debbie who is over most days when I get home. They must talk a lot, as sometimes when I walk in they both look at my crotch and laugh. I have a rather small cock but my wife didn't marry me for my cock. She married me because I'm kind to her and I make a lot of money. They are usually drinking wine when I get home. Almost everything about my marriage is very good but I think Janis is a little tired of my tiny cock. I don't know if she fucks around or not. I really don't care as long as she stays with me.

One night I saw Debbie's car in the driveway so I decided to go through the kitchen door instead of the front. I was just inside the kitchen and could hear them chatting. I heard Janis ask, "He really likes that?" Then Debbie said "And he even likes it more when I put a second finger in his ass. It makes him cum harder than ever. And with that big cock of his it's a lot of cum." I quickly walked back around the front and opened the door. They both looked at me and giggled. I didn't say anything but went about my business.

Over the next few days it got me thinking. He has a big cock and likes things in his ass. I wondered what else he likes. A few weeks later the girls went on a two-day shopping trip so I invited Debbie's husband, Mike over to watch some college football. I made sure to have enough beer and by halftime Mike had drank about a six-pack and was getting quite drunk. I moved over to the couch next to him and said, "You know, the girls talk about our sex lives when they're together." "I don't doubt it," he said. "Deb's kind of a sex fiend." I got him chatting about what she likes then I asked, "She says you like things in your ass. She says it makes you cum harder." He kind of slurred an answer and din't even move when I put my hand on his thigh. I looked down at his crotch and noticed the outline of his cock. When I moved my hand up and put it on his cock he simply said, "I'm not gay." I told him I wasn't either and proceeded to unbuckle his belt. I told him to lift up as I pulled his pants down. He lifted his ass up a little and his cock popped out as I pulled his shorts down past his balls and down to the floor. It was much larger than mine and I could really appreciate it. He still didn't push me away.

All of a sudden I had the urge to put my mouth on it. I'd never sucked a cock before but this was tantalizing so I bent down and took him in my mouth. It barely fit. I could see why Debbie bragged about him. He put his head back and could only say, "Fuck that feels good." I took a chance and put my hand under his nuts and played with his asshole. He opened his legs a little. I wet my middle finger and slowly pushed it into his asshole. "Fuck that feels good" he said again. I sucked him for the next 10 minutes and he was ready to cum. I had been finger fucking him with my middle finger and put a second finger inside him. I finger fucked him with two fingers for another minute and decided to try three fingers. I shoved a third finger in and he moaned loud. He grabbed the back of my head and held it as he started cumming. It was more cum than I could ever imagine and I swallowed some but most of it squirted past my lips back onto the couch. It didn't taste that bad and he didn't go soft.

His cock was still leaking a little when I took my mouth off. He said "My turn" and proceeded to undo my pants and had me take them off. My little cock was sticking straight out about four inches. He didn't bother with it but stood up and got behind me. He bent me over at the waste and with his cum-covered cock he slowly pushed into my asshole. This was something I never dreamed of doing. Janis doesn't even play with my asshole. I thought it would hurt but he went slow enough that I was able to relax. He was finally all the way in my ass and had me kneel down while he mirrored my movement. I was now on my knees leaning over the couch as he started to fuck me. He had just cum so he was able to fuck me for a long time before he came. When he finally did cum inside my asshole I was thoroughly enjoying it. All I thought to say was "Fuck that feels good."

After he was finally spent he pulled his cock out of my ass and sat back down on the couch. He said he never fucked anything so tight and he had to have my ass again. We made plans to watch a lot of football that year and when we could be alone together I sucked his cock and he fucked me. He never sucked my cock but I jerked off a lot thinking about his huge cock. I could go on about how Debbie knew and told Janis. For the last two years now we've been fucking, sucking and trading partners and my sex life has never been better. Fuck that feels good.