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She said she would love me until our dying day. After about 15 years she didn't want much sex anymore. And after another 10 years she refused anything oral. All I wanted was to get my cock sucked. I gave her every reason why she should blow me. I even had her watch videos of young, old, fat, skinny and every other type of woman sucking cocks and told her that's all I wanted. She decided, tho that she would no longer suck me.

One night I tied her up while she was sleeping and shoved my cock in her mouth. She ended up sucking me like a pro and I thought she had gotten over her anti-cock sucking. I was pleased. Then about a week later I woke up with my arms tied behind my back and my legs tied together. I figured she wanted to get a little kinky but was appalled when she brought a man into the bedroom. "What the fuck is going on?" I demanded. "Well, honey," she said, "You were so generous with my mouth last week that I had to return the favor. I argued that I wasn't a fag and that I wasn't going to suck nobody's cock. She just said, "Mitch, he's all yours." Then she left.

I was a little frightened as he stripped and I looked at his cock. It was bigger than mine and had a bit of a hood. I told him there was no way I was gonna suck his cock. He didn't say anything as he approached the bed. He just stood there twitching his cock. Then he grabbed me and turned me sideways so my head was off the side of the bed. He pushed my forehead down to the point where my mouth opened. As soon as that happened his cock was between my lips. "Bite me and I'll cut your nuts off." When he said that I believed him. He started to mouth fuck me. As he did he reached down and started playing with my tits. I couldn't help but like it. I felt my cock twitch and each time he pushed his cock in my mouth my cock got a little fuller. I was actually enjoying it.

He noticed my cock was getting hard and pulled my nipples as hard as he could. That almost made me shoot my load. About that time he started cumming. His cock was deep enough in my mouth that I couldn't spit any of it out and ended up swallowing it all. I figured we were done and he would leave but he kept his cock in my mouth. He got semi-soft and about 15 minutes later was hard again. I thought he was gonna cum in my mouth again but he pulled out and rolled me over. he crawled up on the bed and straddled my legs. He started kneading my ass cheeks and began to play with my asshole. He slipped a wet finger into my asshole. I really didn't want this and he asked if I wanted him to remove my finger. When I yelled that I did he pulled his finger out of my ass. I gave a sigh of relief but was about split in two when he leaned forward and shoved his cock in me. He was laying on top of me fucking me like I was a woman. The first five minutes were very painful, bringing tears and wailing from me. Then my ass started to accept his big cock thrusting in and out of me and by the time he was ready to cum I was enjoying it.

"You like that, don't you cunt?" he asked. I said I liked it. When he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me harder I told him yes. He did and after a few minutes he filled my asshole with all the cum he had left. My cock was hard underneath me and I was trying to fuck the bed. When he was spent he pulled out told my wife I was broken in and ready for her. I didn't know she was in the room and she said she had been watching since I became a cocksucker. I was still on my belly when she replaced him and shoved a strap-on up my ass. Then she said, "You're not gonna fuck me anymore, but I'm gonna fuck you plenty. And I might even have Mitch over for some more fun times."

That started my life into cock. I started out not wanting to touch a cock and ended up wanting nothing but cock. What a fucking slut I am.