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My wife was out of town that weekend and I was horny. I tried to find a date on line but to no avail, so I decided to try the M4M area. I had only sucked one other cock in my life but thought I could find someone to suck mine. I answered an ad and set out to go over to him. He answered the door in just a pair of gym shorts. He was tall and really fat but I didn't care. I just wanted my cock sucked. He led me to the bedroom and there was another man there. He was taller and sort of thin and had a long, medium girthed cock. His name was Dave and the fat guy was Roger. Roger took off his shorts and I stared down at his half hard cock. It was about six inches long and really thick.

He told me to strip. I did and he lifted me up on the bed. He put me on my back with my head off the edge. I came over with no intention of sucking cock but he shoved his cock in my mouth before I could protest. It filled my mouth and as he gently mouth fucked me I started to enjoy it. Dave pushed my legs up and I felt his tongue on my asshole. My wife never did this. My own cock was getting hard without even being touched. Then he knelt between my legs and I felt his cock tip at my asshole. I had never had anything in my ass before, not even my wife's finger and I was a little worried. He had licked my ass so it was slick and as he pushed his cock in it went in smoothly. A little pain at first but it soon turned into pleasure. I was now being fucked in the ass and sucking cock at the same time. I started to fuck back with my ass and in rhythm was fucking Roger's cock with my mouth. Dave was the first to cum. I felt the warmth of his jizz as it oozed out of my ass. He stayed in my ass until he got soft and finally pulled out. He then put his hand on my cock and at that time Roger started cumming. Not only did I not want to suck a cock I definitely didn't want a mouthful of cum but here it was. I tasted cum for the first time that night. I liked it and I sucked every drop out of his cock.

I thought we were done and as they both were done to my surprise they switched places. I was now sucking the longer, thinner cock and the fat cock was filling my ass. What a fucking feeling. Dave's cum had lubed me well and Roger's fat cock slid in nicely. His cock filled me up and rubbed my prostate with each thrust. I felt myself getting harder with each thrust and I was the first to cum that time. I was mouth and ass fucked for another 20 minutes before they both were spent. They finally pulled out and I was exhausted. We rested for a bit and then all three of us hopped in the shower to clean up. I went home sexually satisfied but my ass hurt and it took two days for it to close up to it's normal closed state. I could finally shit normally again. My wife came home that night and we fucked like never before. I rammed the shit out of her and left her in tears from the number of orgasms she had.

I can't wait until she's gone again...