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Pregnant belly fetish

I was just hanging out after school and one of my teachers (in her late 20',early 30's?) came out of the faculty room all dressed in her running outfit, black short shorts, tee shirt,feeling her belly when her pregnancy just started to show.

And she caught me staring at her belly..I was like noo Then she came up over to me and wanted me to touch her belly since I was staring at her.

She said she was close to 5 months along and before I got to even touch her belly, she even took her shirt off and I touched what little my teacher showed off of her bare belly. The very high waistband of her short shorts came way past her belly button and her nude lace bra,it got my dick soo throbbing hard.

When I got home that day, I wanked in my briefs. It was any wonder nobody at school ever found out about us. I don't know what became of my teacher after my 7th grade school year ended. Because we moved I went to 8th grade at a different school.

Of that time being for the last few weeks of my 7th grade year, she allowed me every day after school to let me touch her belly bare her backroom office.

She wore her bras, big belly short shorts, I wore my leopard print speedos (my teacher got me those) for our backroom afterschool interludes til she was little over 6 months pregnant when my 7th grade year ended.