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Last day of summer school

In the early 90's I remember my pregnant teacher in the last class on the last day of summer school in early August, she was in her late 30's, almost 4 and 1-2 months pregnant, was already showing and I was 12. The way my teacher's top flowed over her swelling breasts and growing tummy and, oh the sexy look of her short shorts, made my penis throb hard in my swimsuit.

I had to keep both my bare legs tight together when in my swimsuit so I don't think no body else saw what was happening between my legs, especially since my penis kept on throbbing hard thanks to my teacher's pregnant figure. Fifteen minutes before the end of class, she whispered in my ear to stay after class.

The minute the bell rung, the whole rest of the class left and, every body else was gone, she came up to me ,took me right to where it was "no students allowed authorized staff only" told me to set my things down. My teacher was so sexually aroused by how hard my penis throbbed in my swimsuit she pulled off her top, what a display!

I was so sexually aroused by how the top of her short shorts stretched way high over the growing part of her tummy. The almost flat part of her tummy bare between her high in the waist short shorts and bra made my heart beat real fast, my teacher's pregnant breasts were something else to look at too! My teacher and me enjoyed ourselves, it was an incredible time we spent. Then awhile later, she snuck me out and took me home herself.

The minute I got home, I went in my room, wanked and cummed in my swimsuit because my teacher's pregnant figure was still on my mind. I was the only one home till 8 oclock that night.