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When I married my wife I had no idea she was a pervy little bitch. As our marriage went on she became more uninhibited and we would make little bets. If she I won the bet I could fuck her with my toes and if she won I would have to let her fuck my ass with her toes. At first she didn't swallow my cum but after a couple of won bets she got used to it. Sometimes I would turn off to a side road and we would choose cards and the highest card won. Then one night I lost a bet and I had to let her fuck my ass with her fingers. It made my cock hard when she started massaging my prostate. She must have seen how much I liked it. We made a deal that no matter what it was the loser had to do it.

Things got a bit wilder as time went on and after a couple of years we looked forward to losing the bet and having to perform. It got to the point that we wouldn't know what the consequence was until after the bet. It turned me on nearly every time. She even fucked me with a strap-on a number of times and we both enjoyed it every time. Then I would win and fuck her ass. It was a win-win situation for both of us.

One night we bet on a basketball game. I lost. She said it was a surprise that night. I was to be blindfolded and tied bent over the kitchen table. I figured she was either going to spank me or use her dildo on me. I waited for seemingly hours and finally heard footsteps behind me. She walked in front of me and said, "when I tap your forehead you will open your mouth and suck my cock." She tapped my head and when I opened my mouth she put her strap-on in my mouth. After a minute she pulled it out and did it again. And a third time. Then there was a pause. A couple of minutes later came a tap on my head. I opened my mouth and felt a real cock being pushed into my mouth. At the same time I felt her shove her strap-on up my asshole. I'd never sucked a real cock before but didn't protest. He had a big cock, bigger than her strap-on and thick. My cock got hard as I was being fucked by my wife and sucking this guy's cock. He started to mouth fuck me and I was loving it. Then he started cumming. He filled my mouth and I tried to swallow it all. I got most of it. He didn't pull out but kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and traded places with my wife. For the first time I had a real cock in my ass. His cock was big enough that it felt like the first time. My cock was still rock hard and he fucked me for a good 20 minutes. I could feel his jizz as he unloaded in my ass. After he was spent he pulled out and I sensed he was leaving.

My wife untied me and bet me I couldn't last three minutes while she sucked my cock. I lost the bet and came within seconds as her lips and teeth worked my cock over. By losing the bet she had another surprise. She led me to the living room and had me sit on the couch. She then proceeded to play the video of me being mouth and ass fucked by this guy. His face was hidden so I couldn't tell who he was but it got me so turned on that before I realized it I was stroking my cock as I watched myself being fucked. After it was all over she cuddled up to me and told me how proud she was of me, because now I was her pervy little bitch.