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I was talking to my sister almost 6 weeks ago. She was telling me about my niece's best friend had just had her first period. My sister catches up with the mothers when she is picking up or dropping off my niece.

I was shocked, as was my sister. My niece is 10 and her best friend is only 9. At 9 and 1 month, she had her period. While shocked, i have to admit i was really turned on by the idea of such a tiny girl being fertile. I had met my niece's friend a couple of times when visiting my sister and the girls were around playing.

She is a really cute little girl. Slim, short, long hair and already has tiny little soft breasts, only enough to make her chest soft.

I arranged to pick my niece and her friend up from school with my sister. I decided to drop my niece off and then her friend. Knowing i really shouldn't, i did anyway. I told her i needed to pick up something at the gym. When i got there she decided she would follow me in and check out the place. It's a self managed gym open 24 hours, but no full time staff. I took her upstairs to show her around cause i knew no one was ever up their.

I told her how sexy it was that she was fertile and she was so cute. She was so light i was able to lay her on the table with ease and hold her down. I lifted her school skirt and pulled her panties gusset open.

Although i had her mouth covered she still yelled a bit, but it took a few minutes to get myself in her. I could feel my head bottom out inside her and that was enough, i just pulled her hips really hard and thrust in. One big drive and i felt my head push hard into her cervix as i went balls deep. That was all it took and i unloaded so hard in her, spurting four really good loads in. I stayed so hard i kept going and i lasted about 10 minutes before i pushed another two really good spurts of semen into her fertile belly. I stayed in her until i went soft, making sure i kept as much of my baby making sperm in her as i could.

She was crying, but i told her i loved her tiny body and would really love to fuck her again some time. I took her home and told her not to tell or i would come after her and her family. She nodded when she got out of the car and left.

I can't wait to see if i get her pregnant. This was today and i am already working out how to fuck her a few more time this week to make sure i have fertilised her tiny body. I want to see her 9 year old belly start to grow with my baby inside it. I timed this based on what my sister said and i believe she should be ovulating now or in a couple of days. I really hope she is pregnant already.