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I now know for sure my Son gets together with his Mother quite often.

I know they have been getting it on for quite some time now.

Its like they suddenly disappear and then its really quiet at times.

The only thing that is kinda hard for me to believe about it all is how young my Son is while his Mother is letting him have her these days.

Last week I went past the bathroom at the back of our house to finish some laundry.

With the door closed as I passed, I heard a soft voice whisper, "Sweetie, that's my ass..."

I then heard, "I know, Mom." Quickly followed by some grunts and heavy breathing.

It sounded like he was cumming in her somehow.

I decided to forget the laundry for now and go finish watching the game so they could finish whatever they were doing in private.

I guess I don't really mind to much, if they are just having anal anyway.

I just don't want him to get his Mother pregnant.