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My stepdad introduced me to drugs, porn, and gay sex all on the same day when I was 8, and they would get me high and make me do stuff. I was assfucked before school, after school and before bed every night. At firsr ir was all hidden and I tried telling her my ass hurt and I needed help. She said I needed rest and I was staying home the rest of rhe week. My stepdad was behind her smiling. I will take good care of him. my mom went to her car and he took me to the garage naked. As I waved at her leaving he told me to ger down on all fours and shoved his cock up my ass. She heard me in your room last night so we are going to get a bed for you in the barn today. jist until yoi stop crying like a baby. now that youre home today, you will meet all my friends that wanna meet you. Your ass is gonna bleed for a week. he says as hes ramming into me. Tell daddy to fuck you up the ass all day. say you wanna suck your shit off my dick. tell.me to fuck you like a dirty whore. I yelled it all hoping someone would hear, and the neighbour came over wirh his videorecorder and told me to say it again. so i did and when my stepdad was finally dome, he gave the camera to my stepdad and said my turn. he told me to get up and he took me next door onto a gravel driveway. he asked me if I was gay, or liked me, or sucking dick or swallowing cum and i said never. He told my stepdad to go inside and call another close guy. he is gay and hates straight people like you. He built a stockade from the middleages. he will bring it here. The next two guys who came were coke dealers..they blew a straw full of dope up my ass which stung like hell but made me horny as shit, and they had a party with me locked up in the middle of it. lots fucked my mouth and then came all over my face..the guy who owned the stoclage spoke as he fucked me..offered me a job washing dishes at a hotel in town. said to come by after school. when I got there the woman told me to go in the office and undress but not close the door. I tried to hide in there, but she called me out in front of some big fat guy who smiled at me. He said he would like to interview me himself. we went in the office and he had me go behind the desk and bend over and his cock was a monster. he let me get a good look at it, then fed it nice and slow intil it was all in. I was crying. Then he spoke while he fucked me, said I was perfect. I would live in his room at the end of his bed. naked and hairless of course. You will be my own little sex slave. Your parents already wanna get rid of you, they wanted a girl. worth way more to them. I gave rhem a girl who already takes it in the ass. She was saving her virginity but she will lose it today. They couldn't decide who should do it, and it may be the dog, but I can give her to you first. right now. if you join me. let her go and I will. perhaps you can keep her... He pulled out of me and took me to a room where the girl was on a bed and he told me to eat her pussy while he fucked me, rhen he had her go to the edge of the bed and make way for her hole. she started to cry. i started to enter her and he rammed me insode, gor me on top of her, then got on top of me. he pounded us for a long time and ruined her. i had no choice but to cum in her. he had her moved to our room, and i had sold my soul to the devil. we were his slaves almost 5 years. i ran the whole business at the end, and when I said I wanted to leave he gave me $50G and the girl to sign a nondisclosure agreement. 3 years later I walked into the same teap somewhere else all over again