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I was on one of my "Daddy" sites the other night and one of the other men was a 68 year old with a big uncut cock. I almost got hard just looking at it. I e-mailed him and said I'd love to have that cock. He said he was a top and if I wanted his cock be there in half an hour. He gave me the address and I made an excuse to my wife and headed over. When he answered the door I saw he was a large man. About eight inches taller than my 5'8" and about 350 pounds. His belly protruded over his gym shorts.

He led me to his bedroom and had me strip. "My, that's a tiny little clitty you have there" he said as he fondled my cock. His cock was about five inches and wasn't even half hard yet. He told me to pull his shorts down and make him hard. I pulled his gym shorts off and knelt before him. I took his cock in my mouth. He had a large hood and I worked it back and forth with my lips. He slowly got hard and was a full eight inches when he was hard. It was fairly thick too. I could barely get the head in my mouth but did the best I could. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock as far in as he could. When I started to gag he laughed at me. He pushed me away and said he needed me to clean his asshole. He bent over the bed and told me to start licking him. I had never licked another person's asshole before but found it exciting. I started licking him and was soon tongue fucking him with my tongue as far into his asshole as I could get. My cock got hard as I tongued him.

I tongue fucked his ass for about 15 minutes and he had me lie on the bed. He pulled me down so my ass was just hanging off the edge. He bent down and started to lick my ass like I did his. I was really enjoying it when he stood up and pushed my legs up toward my chest. His cock was at my asshole and he slowly pushed in. He had lubed me up with his spit and his cock surprisingly went in fairly smoothly. I felt like a little bitch being fucked by my master. He fucked me slowly at first, then sped up until he was pounding me like my man-cunt was made for him. I was moaning and crying and even came all over my stomach without it even being touched. "You love that, don't you bitch?" I told him yes. Then I told him to fuck me harder. He was pounding me about as hard as he could. His big belly hit my nuts with each stroke and without warning me he started cumming. He came buckets. I felt the warmth of his jizz inside me. Even after he was spent he kept fucking me. He said he was good for at least two orgasms and possible three. He fucked me for another half hour. His big cock never got soft. I was in another world. He finally came a second time and it felt like he gave me a cum enema. He finally pulled out after he started to get soft.

I thought we were done but he spun me around and hung my head off the edge of the bed. With his cock still dripping cum he shoved it back in my mouth. I was eager to please his cock and sucked him for all I was worth. I don't swallow. I told him I didn't but that didn't seem to bother him. I tasted the cum on his cock as he pushed his cock in my mouth and really tasted it again when he started to cum again after about 20 minutes. For the first time I actually wanted to suck the cum out of him. I sucked until he was clean. He finally got soft as he rested his cock in my mouth as he shrunk.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, slapped me and told me it was time to get the fuck out. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me again. I told him I couldn't wait. He told me to be there the next Friday night and I was to shave all my pubic hair and all the hair around my asshole. I mentioned that I was married and didn't know how I would be able to do that. He told me that either I come clean shaven or I would never see or touch his cock again. I was hooked, though and wanted his cock more than ever.

That was last week and I'm about to head over there now. My balls and cock area are hairless as is my ass. If my wife doesn't like it she can go fuck herself. I'm about to go get fucked. My cock is already hard just writing about it.