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My wife is away for 2 weeks. My 16 year old daughter invited her friend round tonight to stay. I have always thought my daughter and her look and act so much alike.

They spent the afternoon in the pool. My daughter wearing a nice pale blue bikini and her friend wearing a nice tight dark pink maillot. She looked pretty hot in it. I really made her tummy nice and tight, gave her hips shape and her breasts really popped out.

While they were out swimming i made dinner. I put almost a whole packet of my wife's sleeping pills in the bottle of soft drink. I wanted to have some fun playing with this girl. I waited till about an hour after dinner and headed to my daughters room. It was dark, the lights out and i could only make out their 2 heads above the quilt. I quietly went in and lifted the quilt on the first side. It was my daughter still in her bikini. I walked around and lifted the other. Her friend was still in her tight maillot.

I spent a few minutes making sure i couldn't wake them and after i confirmed they were out i had to try it. I stripped and then lifted the quilt. I climbed slowly under the quilt and over the beautiful sleeping girl. I let the quilt come down over us again. I gently reached down and spread her legs so i ended up lying on her, with my cock pressing against her swimsuit right over her pussy and my legs between hers. I rubbed myself on her for a minute and then went for it.

I reached down again and i pulled the crotch of her maillot over to the side. Then holding my cock i slowly pushed into her. I was in heaven as i sunk deeper into her. I felt myself get harder than i have ever been. My head reached the bottom of her pussy with about an inch to go. I slowly worked in and out and when i again was sure she wasn't going to wake i went hard and fucked her. I managed to really force my cock the last inch in and then unloaded so hard in her. I must have pumped 4 or 5 good spurts into her pussy.

I stayed in her until i got hard again and fucked her a second time making sure i pumped every last load i had into her teen belly. I imagined what it would be like if she got pregnant.

Anyway, i left the room, and straightened everything back up and made sure i put her swimsuit back over her pussy to keep my loads from leaking all over the bed.

Now i was shocked a couple of hours later, i saw my daughter come out in her bikini and go to the bathroom. When she came back out, i was waiting and shocked to see it was her friend. I quickly asked her, "why are you in my daughters bikini". She said they liked each others swimwear and swapped them when they got tired, just before they crashed out.

Now, very early morning, i have not been able to stop thinking about it, but i have realised that i love knowing that i just fucked my daughter and blew in her bare twice, then left her with my sperm completely trapped inside her pussy when i finished. Oh god i have to say that i really like the idea that i might have just impregnated my daughter. I hope she doesn't work it out when she gets up. I hope she just goes about her day with her friend.