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I am a straight man that has had gay fantasies for years. Having recently given up on my latest girlfriend, I settled in to spend the holidays alone for the first time in several years. Xmas was no big deal, but the thought of a New Year's Eve without sex pissed me off.

Not far from my place is one of those "Lonely Hearts' Bars" that country singers always sing about. I figured WTF and went down there to watch the Bowl games and ring in the new year, see what happens. To my initial dismay, it was a sausage fest. The only female in the place was the skanky old barmaid.

Well, fuck. I'm here now. May as well have a couple. And a couple more... and maybe one or two more.

When midnight came, we cheered and slapped hands and generally made fools of ourselves for a few minutes, howling at the moon in the parking lot and other idiocy. Almost immediately afterward, those around me began filtering out.

By one, it was down to me, the Skanky Barmaid, some greasy-haired guy in the corner that had barely smiled at the new year, and a chubby trucker.

I was feeling good, but had been able to keep my wits about me, so I wasn't as drunk as I intended. Mister Greasy got up and said a mumbled goodnight that may have been a Fuck-all-o-you for all the effort he put into it.

"Welp," the trucker announced. "Guess that leaves you an' me, kiddo."

"Guess so."

He ordered two beers for Last Call. I only got one. Skanky Barmaid was cleaning up, getting ready to close.

When she stepped into the back, the Trucker leaned over and said, "I'm not horny to enough to fuck that, but I'd drill about anything else."


The smile that crossed his face made my heart race.

He didn't say anything else. It was an old trick I had learned myself. Whoever mentioned sex next was admitting they wanted it.

All those fantasies came rushing back to my mind. My dick twitched.

To test whether or not I was right, I told him, "I think I'd rather get butt-fucked than fuck that ugly thing."

He smiled again, but didn't respond. When the Skank came back out, he shelled out for a six-pack to carry out. While she was fetching it, he said (loud enough for it to echo off the far wall), "Let's keep this party going, kiddo. Whaddaya say?"

"Absolutely," I answered without hesitation.

He scooped up the six-pack, drained his last beer and stood up. I finished my beer and did the same, saying goodnight to the Skank.

As soon as we got out the door, the Trucker turned and asked, "You being serious in there?"

"Were you?"

He lived several miles away and wasn't sure about driving. I lived less than five minutes away on foot.

We were on my couch and watching the wrap-up of the days' college football when I told him I didn't need another beer. He nodded, smiled once again, and proceeded to unzip his pants. Now, he was a bit chubby. His belly hung over his belt line, but he wasn't fat. I was expecting an average pecker to be pulled out.

The tool that he produced made my mouth hang open.

Fuck it! I bent over and took ahold of that dick like it was a life-ring and I was drowning. I stroked it to full size and WOW. Nine inches if it was one, thick at the base and tapered to a fine mushroom head. I didn't hold back. It was the first time I had held another man's prick and I wasn't wasting the opportunity.

I started sucking him off like a dirty slut. I don't even remember it happening, but before I knew it he had his pants around his ankles and his shirt opened. I kept slurping and slobbering that meatstick, stroking with one hand. I felt his hand on the back of my head and heard him groan.

And then I felt it. Spasm after spasm. His thick, salty cum shot into my mouth. Gloppy, creamy, bitter man-seed.

I swallowed it all and kept sucking, trying to drain out every last drop.

I had given my first blowjob!!

"Damn," he said. "That was something else."

I got up, wiping my mouth and looked at him. He seemed to suddenly be embarassed about it all. He blushed and struggled to get his pants back up, making excuses to leave. As disappointed as I was, I understood.

When he reached the door with his remaining beers, he turned back around and asked, "You be at the bar tomorrow night?"

"No, I gotta work the next day." (Today)... "But, you know where I live..." He nodded. Fuck it, I had gone this far.

"And," I told him. "I can have myself... prepared for more next time."

There came that smile again.

"What's your name, kiddo?"

I told him.

"Mine's Steve." I now knew the name of the man whose cum still lingered on my tongue. "I'll see you around."

And he left.

Here's to a New Year!! Might actually get butt-fucked before long!!