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When I was a teenager my brother and his girlfriend used to go into the basement of the church and fuck. My dad was on the church board and we all had keys to the building. I finally got a boyfriend when I was a junior. We got to the point where we kissed a lot and he finally slipped his hand inside my blouse and play with my tits. I liked it when I played with my tits but it was even better when he did it. I usually went into my bedroom to masturbate when he took me home.

One night we were at my house and nobody else was home. We were sitting on the couch making out and finally laid down. I felt his hand on my back and then it slid inside my stretch pants and he cupped an ass cheek. I scooted up a little and his hand moved down lower and I could feel his arm straining as he reached his fingers down and found my pussy lips. He slipped a finger in and wiggled it around a bit and I felt myself getting a little wet. I heard myself moan a little as he began to finger fuck me with one, then two fingers. If I knew what I was doing I would have fucked him right there. Instead I reached down and unbuckled his pants. I put my hand into his underwear and found his hard cock. At the time I thought it was a huge cock as I wrapped my fingers around it. "Oh, fuck baby that's good," he said. That was the first time I ever heard him cuss.

I kept stroking him, not knowing what would happen. Then he totally shocked me. He stood up and dropped his pants and underwear. I was shocked but mesmerized by his nakedness. To my total surprise he knelt on my chest as I laid there and put his cock up to my lips. I tried to resist but his legs had my arms pinned at my sides. He pulled my head forward a little and pushed his cock past my lips. I let him do all the work as he slowly started to mouth fuck me. I thought I hated it, but after a couple of minutes I started to really get into it and started to suck him up and down. He let go of my head and my instincts took over. It wasn't but 30 seconds later and he grunted. Then he let it go. He filled my mouth with his cum. I loved the texture of his jizz and the taste wasn't bad. He just kept saying, "Fuck, baby that's so fucking good." He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him dry.

I was ashamed but turned on too. I hadn't noticed it but my crotch was soaking from my juices. He scooted down and started to suck on my nipples. His hand went back inside my pants and started finger fucking me from the front this time. Each time his palm hit my clit I felt my pussy jump. We never did actually fuck as I was afraid of getting pregnant but our routine was like this for the next year. He would masturbate me until I started flowing then he would push my head down to suck his cock. I drank more cum that year than one could imagine. We broke up and I moved out of state for college. I met my husband at college and after 15 years of marriage he still says I give the best blowjob this side of the Mississippi.