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I had just graduated Navy boot camp and was assigned to A school in Millington, TN. I was adjusting to military life pretty well, but I really missed my girl friend from home. I also had a couple of girls that I would fool around with on the side back home, so I went from getting plenty of pussy before I joined to getting none. Being away from home and being in a new town, not knowing anyone and beside the fact that there were a lot more guys than girls in Millington made it difficult to meet women. So, I spent most of my free time, which wasn't much, talking to my girl friend and a couple of the girls I was fooling around with back home so that when I did go home I could get the pussy I was craving.

Back then there weren't any cell phones and there was only one pay phone in the barracks, so I would go down to the closest convenience store where there were three pay phones and make my calls. I was there just about everyday.

One night I was talking to my girl friend and one of the other phones rang. I didn't answer it at first but after it kept ringing I finally answered it. The voice on the other end sounded really sexy and was asking me questions about what I looked like and she really got my attention when she asked how big my cock was. I told her to hold on a minute and went to the other phone and told my girl friend that I had to go and hung up with her.

I got back on the other phone and I talked to her for a good 30 minutes before she asked if I would like to meet and let her suck my cock. I was so caught up in thinking about getting my cock sucked I didn't even ask her what she looked like.

I agreed to pick her at a gas station a couple miles away from the base. She told me that her name was Nikky and that she would be wearing a dark green jacket and I told her that I would be in the light blue Ford truck.

As I drove over my cock was hard as a rock. I couldn't believe that I was about to get my cock sucked by a complete stranger. When I pulled into the parking lot and parked I was looking around for a blonde in a green jacket but I didn't see her anywhere. I decided I would give her about 5 minutes and if she wasn't there by then I would leave. While I was looking out my drivers window for her I heard a knock on the passengers window. I looked over and it was a nice looking guy, mid twenties, wearing a green jacket. It still didn't click in my mind that it was "her". He opened the door and asked if I was Mike and I said yes how did you know, he said it's me Nikky.

I was in total shock, I had never even considered a guy sucking my cock. As I sat there wondering what to do he got in the truck and said you look like you will have a nice cock. He told me to drive around the block and he would suck me while I drove. I was still in shock, and didn't know what to do. I told him that I didn't think this was going to happen cause I thought that he was a girl. His voice still sounded like a girls voice. He telling me, what's the difference, you just want to cum in a mouth and I want cum in my mouth, what difference does it make if I am a man or woman. If after I start you don't like it we can stop and I will get out and you will never see me again. Even if you do like it no one will ever know except me and you. As he was talking, he noticed the bulge in my pants and said looks like your cock wants to come out and play. I couldn't argue that. I started thinking what the hell, no one will ever know that a guy sucked my cock if I don't tell them.

I started the truck and as I drove out of the parking lot he leaned over and took my cock out, as soon as it was visible to him he had the head in his mouth. He went to work like a pro, he was deep throating me better than anyone had ever before. He came up for a second and told my how wonderful my cock was and that it was the biggest he had ever sucked. He was doing such a good job he had me ready to cum in only about 2 minutes. He could tell and came up off my cock again and told me how good my precum tasted. I told him I was close to cumin, he took me back into his mouth and I started cumin he deep throated me and held me there until I stopped cumming.

He then sucked and ate all of the residual cum off of my cock. He licked my balls and cock until they were completely clean. As he did this he pulled his own cock out, it was pretty impressive, it was hard and about 7 inches with a nice mushroom head, he started stroking it as he went back to sucking my cock again. I was already getting hard again. I kept driving around the block as he brought me to another climax and I sprayed his throat again. I had cum twice in 15 minutes.

He cleaned all the cum up again and was stroking his cock pretty fast and told me he was getting close to cumming. I pulled back into the store parking lot and parked. He asked if I would stroke him off. I still don't know why but I wanted too, so I reached over and took his cock into my hand. The feeling was really weird but I liked it at the same time. It didn't take but a few strokes and he started shooting his load. He caught it in his hand and when he was finished he put it up to his mouth and ate all of his cum too. He said that he loved cum.

With that he put his cock away, I did the same, he looked over at me and said thanks for dinner, hope we can do it again sometime and got out.

As I drove away I had no idea that that was the start of me having sex with many men over the next few years. I still wish I would have sucked his cock and even let him fuck me. I have been getting guys to fuck me for the past 10 years. I have sucked well over 100 cocks, been sucked by well over 150 guys and been fucked by about 30 different cocks. My wife now of 20 years has no idea that I love to have a cock in my mouth and in my ass.