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Got stuck at a motel with dozens of construction workers, doing a project nearby. Completely snowed in. Got into an argument about politics in the bar. Got pretty heated, and a group threatened me with a beating, so I left for my room. Had just laid out my rubber body-bag on the bed, and was about to get into it for some extended masturbation, when there was a knock at the door. Foolishly I didn't check the security lens thingy, and opened the door, wrapped in a towel only, to find the same group I'd been arguing with at the bar, all apparently a bit worse for drink. They pushed their way into m,y room, yanking off my towel as they did, and then they got a look at the bodybag! Much laughter and the decision to "help" me into it, since I had been headed that way anyway! I was powerless to resist, being of slight build, and these guys averaged about 250 lbs! They quickly had me trussed up in the bag, using rope from my "special" suitcase, and I found myself more helpless than I had ever imagined possible, tied at the neck, waist, knees, and under my feet! Now my only contact with the world was a pair of tiny air-holes right over my nostrils, and the air-tight 3 inch nylon zipper that lay across my mouth, presently tight shut, robbing me of speech, with just enough air for survival - none left over for the luxury of speech. Then the beating began! The heavy rubberized canvas protected me somewhat, but it hurt! Went on for what seemed like a long time, until they got bored with my lack of resistance, and decided they should make me suck their cocks, one after the other. "Looks like a fag to me, anyhow!" said one, and in a few seconds I was on my knees on the carpet, and my mouth was full of hot hard flesh, which I was too scared not to suck, as ordered! It gradually became a good face-fucking, until the first load hit the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex. Satisfied, he withdrew, only to be replaced by another, almost instantly, and away we went! I think there were six of them, and by the time #6 was done, #1 was ready again! They did three each, then zipped me back into silence, and left, promising to return right after an early breakfast! That's exactly what happened, and I guess they had spread the word, because it just never stopped from then on! Seemed like there was a party going on, and I was the guest of honor or maybe the main attraction! It was loud, raucus and crude, and the alcohol flowed freely. Someone opened the other zipper at my crotch, and hauled my goodies outside, before tightening the zipper round the roots so they couldn't be withdrawn inside again! They slapped my testicles, hard and fast, and as the dull ache grew and grew in my gut, to my everlasting shame and humiliation, I got more and more aroused by the rough treatment, and soon was at my full eight inches of frantic erection, to their mean-spirited amusement. Time passed in a welter of sweat, in the hot slippery rubber, then someone thought it would be great fun to have everyone piss in the bag, through the opening at my mouth. and see if they could fill the bag right up to the point where I was close to drowning! Didn't take too long, with all the beer that was being consumed, and they delighted in adjusting me with my head and shoulders off the bed, so everything ran to my face, and I had to gulp it down frantically to keep breathing! It was scary the way the phenomenon of 'mob rule' grew, and then it was decided that they each needed to take a dump, through the same opening! Between that, and my throwing up, I was awash in human waste, mine and theirs! All the while they were slapping my erection, back and forth, and mauling my tender testicles, painfully. The humiliation was unbelievable! Eventually they all trooped off for whatever meal it was - I lost track! Someone stayed behind, and began masturbating me with infinite slow intensity, until I was bucking and writhing in my noxious prison, which became more and more bearable as my excitement rose! He wouldn't let me come though, and the arousal was unlike anything I had ever even imagined! When I came, I actually passed out! I woke, sitting on the floor of the shower, with the bag inside out beside me, as brown stuff swirled away down the drain. Later I went down to the bar, to be met with "how the fuck did you get out?" and suggestions that I would be on my way, now that the snow-ploughs had cleared a way, and they had to go back to work anyway......... Taking a deep breath, feeling pretty stupid, I said firmly "I think I'll hang around, as long as your project is going on! I can afford the room! Maybe we can repeat the last couple of days.... I really feel a strong need to re-experience everything, as often as you guys are up for it! So to speak......." Silence, then evil laughter. "Oh, we're UP for it, okay, you can bet your fucking LIFE on that! Oh and by the way, our project has about six months to run! And then the next one is a few miles in the other direction, so we'll just be staying here for both of them!" More laughter, and sneers of change your mind, fag? My answer - "Now why the fuck would I do that!" Bring it on, guys! Whatever you've got I can take! Bring it ON! And don't be so fucking gentle the next time!"