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I lived and played on palm beach and was accepted as a blue blood even though I had humble beginnings my college and pro tennis career opend many doors never to be seen if I had not ben gifted an develop the skill to compete nationally aaand internationally. I traveled out of ft Lauderdale for pro tennis, went to college in boca raton and became a professional instructor after graduating college. as a professional coach I managed protonate tennis facilities that many palm beaches enjoyed. I pretty much had 120 2 150 women 0n my ladies tennis team yearly program and hhad refrained from sleep wwwith members wives aaaaamd keeeeeeept3e mysellfin good shape.

I, like many took a big hit in stck market amoung other things and was just off a break up when a ladies im1uired about my availability to teach her three daughters at the tennis court on a private estate . I returned her call and confirmed the lessons. she showed up in a paaair og capred with a clear pleasant gaap and puffy lips telling me that her kids haddddddddbt learened very little at sea view. after just a few visits her and I both could feel the sexual tension and remember my hard line on that of not sleeping with a members wife. the owner of the house was getting a divorec ( his paying a whooping 54 million when all was done. it became a gossip spot the city wide elections around corner and the owners so to be next was grooming my millllfs husband to be on the cityt ccity council and they had a lot of private door neeting, staying late my milf esd done. that was a little back to hekp you enjoy thjis book it even got trup himself, and man scandlens around his place that none he directr of bl3ssed.

the place I taught privatively encouraged me to do the blommndr I was teacccch. nobody new we did it more and more things erotic in nature that was encourage by mr markin for sue but I believe her husband had to know oooor even help along. markins tennis court was first class and in the third lesson she was so wet she hardly worn panties and didn't like tennis bloomers amd during ball pick up[ her perfect gauge I did her over the net and on the tennis court. she came fucked a lot had way bigger orgaums and I am did to as long as she talked about during se as oy turmnsme on . the first three years I got her many more days all after 10xc . I am 6 foot 4 inches 215unds an do not nut right away when sticking it into a dinnerr hot milf. grinding ourselves up in the SUV she drove an supper heeo im not but I do lay dow nn34 pipe hard. we got scratches, vrrug burns and made the car smell ddue to her new joy. over the first 3 years every thing rampted up for better and better sexual liberation and passive aggressive stimulating key areas when curving a nonmainstream sex act to be of her most highest desire. if your ngood with hqands smell and observant and great daio .

we went hotel hunting for a hotel total out of anyone she new path a settled on one in lake worth due to high foot traffic and this has been true with most from there, the sluttier, dirty byr clean effect, and the texing or talking all the time be for we went to the designated place. I di some shameful things kind not sure if it was pay back for putting myself on hold for 6 years but four things stand out in this time frame early on in relationship but aaalready critical erotic heat factor. I have noticed the higher clllass ladies get so freaking off using remote controls i9n there pussy or getting it forcibly inserted mmmmmany times I call front desk kinda a room they handed keys out from to say the remote was misiing. it was by then deeply up her wet soaked pussy. I did the call on purpose so sssmy milf would get over the fear of the doorknock.. it wasn't long before I leftr the door ajar and many times the bell hope (crack head or pimp) the runner for that day would stand there as long as not noticed as I did my handy work. part of that was getting her ready to have more an more things by force or choice drive up her pussy to make her sso sexual, so combinative telling me what she masterbatied over that day or who she thought was hot or any thing that slightly turned her on. aaalways I mean always when I worked my way back to be in the sexual seen she had in her mind her pleasure jump off the charts. so the first asham was shoving remotes and letting guys watch.the next kinda came from her she said her husband like tying her up. I suspected when her brought home or when they went away to introduce another element in there sexual arsenal. ssssshe always need some one to blame ,for doing some sexual activates that maybe or clearly labled as sexual deviant. clearly she was. we had a deal she even squirted for the first time so much she ran not knowing what just happened. her teeth chattering past kid pick up at 2 pm . knees week she had trouble standing. we agreed she would tell me ooif she fucked before leaving home so I had the last say in on would I fuck her or not. coming with aa puffy and cumed in pussy. I found my cock like it not a little but way better. I like big fat pussies even as a youngster I would stick as much into the prechers daughter pussy as possible. she wasn't at all bad doing only sex with me a million times beauty queen saint. my next thing down south was closing the blinds tying her up and out the cheezy table in the hotel room that's always next to the window by the walk way outside. I further stimul;ated her facing her to the back of the room ass to the window ass on the window it was that small of a room. my milf had a world class ass, perfect fake tits, with 3 kids not a sretch mark on her, and yes a pretty big pussy going to be so gaped from the 2 finger dip to full on fisting and ass lips in yeqr 6. her turn on was hearing those blinds op[en and me shoving dildo remotes before long what the followers that appeared window side would had me. I let them know one or two of them who I was in dealing with me. I carried a aluminum baseball bat an d fixed problems for real men palm beachers not to get off subject but I told a couple of regulars how rich she was how much money her husband sold in property the road they lived on how white an proper she was to make them when the beat off to say hthose things. the tow key guys who kept a handle on outsiders worked uup to handing me personal objects sto shove up her pussy, to actually jercking on her ass, I would force her checks and ass hole open letting her cry no not there cum to months and builkt relationships and std test paid by us jacking ooff on her pussy and her haannnnnds hold her pussy so wide open a spec of cum with any velocity from 10- feet away would not miss. did I fuck her so rough and hard those days to encourage her more and more . yes shamefully yes.... now things begain to clearly lean to things that could be with you hurt you diseases. I knew in her world swapping swinging sex with husbands guest normal and believed they policed themselves. I wanted her to do crazier things like for my birthday in the street walking area we kinda called the south wing I wanted her to do a complete stranger pulling into a gas station on your worest night mare would not pie in not even from that standing position. ha I staged it but made it appear so horrible she cried for three daaays finally watching the tape when her husband left forwork kids away at school I dove through her window sat on her mad eher watch the interview. a young college soon to be doctor male modle escort to elites. I had him play the worest dirities guy to just walk up. I blocked the door with the suv an and filming began. he acted like he just fucke a street walking whore . how did my hot milf end up in this part of town, tyinig her up screaming , I had told her I wouldn't let any ungly or druggy in , or no clients of the area, ha I had him play them all the terror he even took out a totally clea needle talking about stuff , actually gave her some meth. then she strip down totally naked even they acting all the things she pumped fucked let both of us cum had other guys jacking off pissing she lloked worse than a road rat aaaaand when she kinda came out of it wouldn't leave home for three days. she told me later after fucking 4 hoours straight came home her husband didn't see her before swhe showerd but he wanted sexxxx. she pitched a fit made hime go out not to find aaaaaaa women for him to fuck away but to bring home a friend. when she said that she emnt stranger. she said she was still fucking when her husband went to work. I said what do you mean the guy he brought home. yes she said a geeky computer guy . posted my pussy not my face getting vagddp. so the jokes on me she said because she promised that to me. spshmaeful I was having drugs once put into a person who never did, doing two guys but it sounds like that might be there normal, letting guys jack off to her open pussy and asshole. now this I kinda rationalize , I was fucking her , plannis , interviewing , scouting I was working less and less. she liked masked , to think it was or wasn't not or who or you think you know but for sure. so I got her wwith the help of the new doctor masked up ready to go and yes I did slip her a go go go faster drink I slid two paying guys in that day with mask that saw some of the footage I p[osted about fucking this supper hot milf during the day or really during lunch. some like me like the live feed leading right uo to them getti9ng there rock hard , like flipping tables this helped them get in and out in 15 minutes. now she never new I charged and I did charge a lot more than street walker =s but less because nobody stayed nmore than 15 minutes. a lot of guys sent me how many time s they jacked off already so not to cum to fast. after a month alor of returing guys tripled paid to bare back her. six guys cumming in a day in one hole impoosible to cover up its leaking out. 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