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I was on my way home from college and had a 12 hour bus ride ahead of me. There were only two of us on the bus so I was surprised when Debby asked if she could sit with me. I was in a seat near the back when she approached me. She said she just needed some human contact. She was good looking enough, maybe a little heavy but had a pretty face. We chatted for a bit and I closed my eyes and decided to try to nap for a bit. I was just about asleep when I felt her hand inside my shirt. She had one button undone and found my nipple. At first I started to stop her but decided to see where this would go so I feigned sleep. But when my cock started to grow I think she knew I wasn't asleep.

Her hand was a little cold and made my nipple stand up as she circled it then started to rub it between her thumb and finger. I moaned a little and she said, "I know this is a little bold but I really want to suck your dick." She put a hand on my crotch and could feel my cock through my pants. "Mmm, that's a really nice cock. Do you have big balls too?" She didn't wait for me to respond and started to undo my belt and pants. It was an all night bus ride and I was pretty sure the driver wasn't paying any attention to us. When she had my pants undone she had me lift up a little and pulled them down to my ankles. She cupped my nuts and smiled. Then she wiggled her way onto the floor in front of me straddling my legs. She bent down and took my cock in her mouth. It isn't huge but a nice medium size. Her lips were like velvet. She had only sucked me for about three minutes and I was ready to blow. I whispered that I was cumming and she clamped her lips around the head. She reached up under my shirt and grabbed both nipples. She pulled them out about as far as they would go and I started cumming. She swallowed every last drop and continued to suck me dry.

I thought that was it but she looked up and said "That was kinda fast. I think we better try again. She took my cock back in her mouth and at the same time reached under me and started fondling my nuts. I could see the driver trying to figure out what was happening but he couldn't do much about it. I relaxed and let her work on me. She sucked me for the next 20 minutes and I was finally hard again. She was still cupping my nuts and slid her hand a little farther and found my asshole. She twirled her finger around a bit then with a finger tip on my pucker hole she pushed her finger in. What a fucking feeling. She was sucking me and finger fucking me at the same time. I could feel two fingers in my asshole wiggling around and knew I couldn't last much longer. "Oh fuck" I said a little too loud. I felt the bus swerve and she buried her mouth down to the pubes. I didn't warn her this time and started cumming. Again she took every drop and when she finally pulled her mouth off of my cock I was totally clean.

She sat back up and leaned her head back. We didn't speak for the next hour and the bus pulled over to a stop in a small town. She got up, bent over and pecked me on the lips. "Thanks honey. You were delicious" she said as she walked to the door and hopped off. It was the most bizarre encounter I'd ever had but I wasn't complaining. As the bus pulled out I looked out the window and saw her standing on the curb. As our eyes met she pulled off a wig and opened her pants to let me see her cock. After all that it was a fucking man sucking my cock. I thought about being pissed but the blowjob was too good to complain. I just smiled and waved as the bus pulled out.