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From the age of 10 I've always had made my own sex toys to play with myself. From my brothers light saber to my pens and pencils. I just turned 16 a few weeks ago and The day after my birthday I was sitting in my room. My Mother was at work, my Dad didn't live with us and the younger brother, about 13-14, was outside with his friends. The only people in the house were me and my dog. I decided to grab my brothers light saber and start using it. He has on that makes constant noises causing it to vibrate. I put duck-tape over the speaker making it silent, turned it on and put it in my wet pussy. I had locked my door but just as I had started my dog started scratching. I sigh and got an idea. I pull out the light saber and put it under my bed. I open the door, let my dog in and close the door. Not seeing the point in closing it. He gets up on my bed and sniffs around. He must have smelt something because as I sat down he started sniffing my pussy. I lay down and spread my legs. That's when it started. The first lick was just pleasure. But just as I was about to reach my climax the door open to show my brother talking to his friend. They were talking about the porn on my laptop. Both of them were slightly hard and had not seen me yet but my dog left the room. The boys look at me, defenseless, naked and wet, laying on my bed. Lets just say I couldn't wear underwear or eat for the next week. This still continues and I found out my brother has a fetish for sucking girls out. I let him do this because it gives me just as much pleasure as him.